10 (mostly) Affordable Gifts for Writers

Shel HarringtonShel Harrington is a Family Law attorney in Oklahoma City, originally from Michigan (ya hey! I do love my fellow transplanted northerners), and her favorite thing to blog about is how NOT to get divorced.

She also blogs on a site about the trials and tribulations of growing older and keeping fit. She’s got a great sense of humor and I know you’ll have fun learning more about Shel this month!

I keep seeing and reading about cool gift ideas for writers, and I had no one to tell about it. Until now. Whether you need a gift for a writing buddy, family member, or a non-edible reward for making your own word count, there’s something on the list to fit the need!

1. AquaNotes – If you’re like me, some of your best ideas have come in the shower. Surely you’ll remember them for the few minutes it takes to rinse your hair and towel off, right? Well, if you’re a LOT like me, that’s an optimistic assumption. This product allows us to make a note before our idea gets washed away! [$28 for 5-pack; myaquanotes.com]


2. Weatherproof  Journal – Speaking of being all wet, this waterproof, pocket-sized journal  has pages so durable you can write under water. You can use a regular pencil or purchase a weatherproof pen for this reclyclable book. [Starts at $18; riteintherain.com]

weatherproof journal

3. THE Tent. For nature lovers or big-book lovers, this is the ultimate splurge. [395 British pounds – about $670 U.S. dollars; fieldcandy.com]

book tent

4. Typewriter Socks – To keep your feet warm if you’re lucky enough to get THE tent! (Look, they even match  it!) [$7.99; modcloth.com]

typewriter socks

5. Mouse Pad – While we’re talking about typewriters, this 8×8 non-skid mouse pad  can serve as a reminder to us how much easier we have it than some of our writing predecessors (read: cut and paste). [$4.95; writerstore.com]


6. Book Jewelry. I have seen all sorts of interesting  jewelry with books or typewriters on them  – rings, bracelets, necklaces – in a variety of price ranges. These earrings are one of my favorites. Want to know where to get them? You’ll have to ask author Sonia Gensler – she gifted them to us at our critique group gift exchange. But (now that I’m done showing off) I can tell you a fast way to find other fun options is to do a ‘book jewelry’ search on Pinterest.

typewriter earrings

7. Much Ado About Nothing Sticky Notes – some “Will Power” to get your writing organized. [$6.50; amazon.com]

Shakespeare sticky notes

8. 7-Year Pen – This eco-friendly pen comes in 10 designs and is guaranteed to last at least seven years. Which means, chances are you’ll lose it before it runs out of ink! It’s touted as high quality with smooth black ink. [$8.00; seejanework.com]

7 year pen

9.  Bumper Stickers – pick one the fun existing designs or create your own – the POEtential is limitless!

writer bumper stickerplot twist bumper sticker

10. Robo Dog Flashdrive. The connection with writing, you ask? It gives you something interesting to mess with while contemplating your next scene. OK – so maybe it’s a lame connection. But you have to admit it’s pretty cool – and that’s the only thing I could come up with to fit it in!

robo dog flashdrive


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  1. Mari says:

    Very cool stuff! I have to say, I bought a 7-year pen for myself because it looked great but in reality lasted only 7 days. #fail Hopefully it was just a defective item and not indicative of the brand! I also have some of those awesome little notes–mine were “Freudian Slips.” I’m sure I still have them tucked in a drawer somewhere because they were too cool to use up.
    I would love the mouse pad if I had a mouse and not a track pad. And that flash drive is one that my kids would find worth of stealing from me.

    Great round up of cool products!
    Mari recently posted…Pop! Goes the cultureMy Profile

    • That’s disappointing about the pen – Writer’s Digest had it showcased so I assumed (yah – I know – one really shouldn’t!) that they had test-driven it. I can relate to saving what’s too cool to use up – and then it gets to the point that it’s too yellowed and old-looking to use. Either way, they last forever!
      Shel Harrington recently posted…5 Reasons to Journal Through DivorceMy Profile

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