A Miracle On 34th Street

Submitted by OKWB Blogger of the Month, Heather Davis

(I don’t live on 34th Street, but for the sake of my cute title, let’s pretend I do.)

Two Christmases ago, I lamented to my sweet husband that I wanted a bigger Christmas tree. Our tree was not a tree that would droop with just the slightest of ornamental decorations a la Charlie Brown. We had a six and a half-foot tree that was quite beautiful and actually fit in our tree-space nicely, but I wanted a tree that would just burst with twinkly lights and colored decorations.

Meanwhile, down in the next block of (pretend) 34th Street, Kristi lamented to her husband that she wanted a slightly smaller tree. Her seven and a half foot tree was still in good condition, to be sure, but she wanted something slightly smaller that would fit more precisely in the space of her front window.

Like most neighbors, we rarely spoke face-to-face. Not because we didn’t like each other, but because we were more accustomed to doing our neighborly actions online. Our relationship was a sad commentary on digital-age relationships.

Fortunately, though, technology smiled on us a few short days after Christmas.

I posted on my favorite social media site that I wished for a taller tree. In just a few moments, my phone dinged letting me know that someone had replied (and that an angel got his wings!).

Kristie, just a few houses down from me, commented that she wished for a smaller tree.

We left the comforts of our computer screens and dragged our plastic-totes full of fake-evergreen branches to the middle of the street where we traded each other for more satisfying seasonal tree.


It was a real, live Christmas miracle on 34th Street. Except, we don’t really live on 34th Street, but that day made us both believers in the power of social media and face-to-face exchanges.

God bless us everyone, with the tree that we really want!

10708675_10204374847624605_1087156169693591547_oHeather Davis is a momma, a writer and the ham in her generational sandwich. She & her husband have two daughters and a seventy-six year old momma, all living under the same roof. She is the award-winning author of the TMI Mom book series and blogs at www.Minivan-Momma.com.

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  1. What a lovely way for God to get you chatting with your neighbor – bet you’re both thinking of each other this year as you admire the solution in your respective homes! In case you’re wanting to send her some Christmas cheer, the post on Friday’s Fat-Bottom-Fifties blog was called “5 Gifts to Whip up in a Flash for that Good Neighbor” at http://fatbottomfiftiesgetfierce.com/2014/12/12/5-gifts-to-whip-up-in-a-flash-for-that-good-neighbor/
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