A Silver Aluminum Tree

Submitted by OWB Blogger of the Month, Heather Davis

In the middle of March, my sister and I found ourselves digging through our mom’s house—there was no earthquake, but she was a borderline hoarder, so we literally were digging. We found ourselves in the garage looking through boxes of Christmas decorations that our mom hadn’t put up in years. Two weeks prior to this daunting task, our mom had a stroke. She was in intense rehab re-learning to walk among other things, and we found ourselves wondering what would happen to her if she were unable to return home. Depending on her level of recovery, she might be moving in with me and my family. As we dug through her boxes and totes, I found the silver tree.


Mom will tell us that her mother, our Nana, bought that tree at a T G & Y store in the late fifties. Then she’ll tell us that she wants to put that tree up at Christmas. But, the truth is this: She hadn’t put up a tree in several years. When I was in college, twenty-five years ago or so, my roomies and I faithfully put up the little silver tree and hung red satin balls from its aluminum limbs. Then I graduated and got my own grown-up place with a five-foot green tree and fancy things like blue ornaments and white garland. But in March, with the thought of my mom moving in with my family, I carried the box containing the silver tree to my car and stowed it in my own garage that evening. My mom’s been in her new home—our home—for five months now. When we put up our Christmas tree, a seven-foot, green, flame-retardant tree, we also put up the silver aluminum tree in my mom’s space. It looks like it’s belonged there the whole time.


10708675_10204374847624605_1087156169693591547_oHeather Davis is a momma, a writer and the ham in her generational sandwich. She & her husband have two daughters and a seventy-six year old momma, all living under the same roof. She is the award-winning author of the TMI Mom book series and blogs at www.Minivan-Momma.com.

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  1. Amy says:

    Its so hard when your parents begin to show signs of aging. I loved this post. That silver tree represents so much. Enjoy the holiday season with it!

  2. Lisa Marotta says:

    My Dad moved our family from Chicago to work for T.G. & Y in the 80’s. I love how the tree continues a new chapter in your life with your mom. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This is a great post! My mom bought my Nana and Pa a little silver tree in the late 50’s from Otasco – I only know because the tree is now mine and the outside of the box has the Otasco label and my mom’s first and maiden name on it. I put it up for years at Nana’s and now I put it up here. There’s just something about those trees (which BTW are very expensive to purchase nowadays) that makes most people feel like a kid again!
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