I am a very organized person………so you can imagine my sickness when looking at these pictures that are NOT organized in anyway what so ever.




With Facebook being my primary place for sharing pictures….so everyone can see how cute my girls are(I’m partial) LOL…..actual prints never seem to make it from laptop to print. These pictures right here are from 2009 & 2010, I haven’t even gotten 2011 & 2012 pics printed yet. THANK goodness for great deals on various websites(Shutterfly, York, etc) for me to not be paying an arm & a leg to get prints.

So….my project right now is getting just these organized, 2011 & 2012 is going to have to wait to be printed.

I don’t really have an excuse NOT to do them b/c I already have the prints & found these cute photo albums that hold 300 prints each(gotta LOVE Amazon)….BUT b/c I am so anal, these pictures have to be organized by date of course. That is not just a quick task either….especially in 2010 when the girls were born(heck I probably have one photo album just of them during the first three months of their life).



I always LOVE it when I am done and feel so accomplished to add it to my other albums…..

I am NOT a procrastinator at anything….except when it comes to this……I just have to get going w/this organization project!!


FourOpposites attract definitely fits my family. I’m a small town girl from Oklahoma that fell in love with a city guy from Illinois. Our blended family has plenty of activity going on in our house of twin toddlers, teenagers & dogs!

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  1. I have somewhere around 20 BIG albums with photos in chronological order. And then I have about 5 years worth of photos (in order) needing to go into albums and several more years worth online. I really ought to make this my project for the year.

  2. Ashley Robinson says:

    I am on the same page with all of the photos of my son from the past three years. With everything being digital now i have files upon files on my computer of pictures from 2009 to the present. I also really ought to make this a top project of mine for 2013…. Especially with my new bundle of joy on the way!!!

  3. Sumer Dupree says:

    I am the world’s best at taking pictures….and the world’s worst at printing them and organizing them! I’m blaming it on technology since we can just easily upload them and share them with all our family and friends! Good luck girlie!

  4. I can completely identify! The only album I had was of my son’s first three days in the hospital. Several years later, I was pregnant with little sister and had a computer full of pics. So, we made an album together. It was a lot of fun for a toddler and his mom. Each page said, “I like…” and I had a picture of him doing something: fishing with Papa, dressing up like Elmo for Halloween, etc. He decorated the pages and cut up A LOT of paper while I finished. It wasn’t as neat and orderly and designed as our photo albums before kids, but I can’t imagine it being more perfect. Good luck. You’ll find a way.

  5. Rachel Boni says:

    I did a super fantastic job with child #1. Even kept up with a fun scrapbook of every month of his life- until I got prego with #2! LOL… it was all downhill from there! I went from scrapbooking EVERYTHING to doing my best to keep pictures in a photo album in dated order. I, too, am very anal about date order! SO, I have them in albums, that way, ONE DAY, I can maybe do a scrapbook for all of my kids!

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