After School Snacks: Then & Now

Submitted by Mari Farthing, OWB Admin

Through most of the years in my life, I would come home after school to my mom—and an after school snack. I don’t remember a lot of snacks in school when I was a kid, unless you count graham crackers and milk in my half-day Kindergarten class, but after school always meant a snack.

The snacks would vary; sometimes it was cookies. Store bought usually meant offerings like those wafer cookies that came in brown, pink and beige flavor or maybe crispy oatmeal cookies with the hard white “frosting” on them. Homemade was a bonus—and usually was a monster cookie (that giant cookie that was made after there wasn’t enough to make a full pan). My brother and I loved those. We might also have Rice Krispy treats, which were not something you could purchase from the store back then so they were always homemade.

But my all-time favoritest after school snack of infinity was comprised of the following:

  1. Two slices of white bread (generic)
  2. A generous smear of Skippy Super Chunk (the only peanut butter that is allowed in my home still to this day) on each
  3. A dish of Karo syrup (a/k/a: high fructose corn syrup) for dipping

God bless the 70s.

I have saved some of the recipes from my childhood, but this is one that I’ve let fall to the wayside. My second favorite after school snack was graham crackers topped with a homemade frosting of powdered sugar with milk. Even the idea of it makes me a little hungry! And don’t even get me started on special occasions… if Grandma & Grandpa were in town, that meant a Winnebago (their “motor home”) was parked out front of our house and there would be a big bowl of Grandma’s “glorified rice” in the fridge—a sort of rice pudding with Maraschino cherries and pineapple, served cold (I seriously need to find that recipe, even if it makes the other members of my family cringe at the idea of it).

I must have been feeling nostalgic when I made microwave s’mores the other day. I know it’s not traditional, but through the microwave you get the melting texture in the chocolate that makes the snack a win, if you ask me. Usually, I try to get my kids to eat a little fruit and a little protein for their after school snacks because we’re usually home for a pit stop before other activities, but what would they have if they had their “druthers”?

My daughter would like a Popsicle or something cool on a hot day (very relevant in Oklahoma, especially during the first few months of the school year), hot cocoa with “lots of extra marshmallows” on a cool day (which in her mind means anything below about 85 degrees). My son would like a soft hot pretzel. He’s been on a kick lately. I feel I need to include a disclaimer here that I’ve never actually prepared soft hot pretzels at home, but who am I to argue? Sounds pretty good to me right now. Especially with that melted cheese-like sauce? Yum.

What about you? What do you give your kids for their after school snacks?

B+W head shotSubmitted by Mari Farthing. Along with being an administrator of Oklahoma Women Bloggers, Mari blogs about all kinds of stuff at Mari, Quite Contrary and about writing and editing at Mari Edits.
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  1. Marisa Mohi says:

    My friend, Jeremy, used to eat that very same peanut butter-Karo syrup snack as well. The one time I got to eat it, I was in heaven.

    As for me, my parents had a pizza restaurant while I was in elementary school, so my after school snacks were typically garlic rolls or pepperoni pizza. This should explain the love of carbs I still have to this day.
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