An Abundance of Love

Contributed by November Blogger of the Month, Robyn Icks

Welcome to November, guys. That means in less than 60 days, we’ll be bringing in a brand new year. How did that happen? I’m still over here in the mindset that it’s spring and maybe I should get out in the garden and oh wait… But back to the present, November’s wonderfully apt theme is abundance. So I wanted to write about something I work with and am surrounded with in abundance every day of the year – Love.

As a wedding photographer, I know love. I boast that my profession is capturing love for a living. It’s kinda the greatest way to spend my working hours. Whether it’s at a wedding where no one can contain their tears because there is just too much happiness for the bride and groom abounding. Or during the weekdays when I sit down at my computer to cull and edit the endless images of tears, hugs, kisses, snuggles.


In my nearly 10 years of capturing it, I’ve learned a few things about love.

I’ve learned that couples who’ve been together for a great length of time start to look like one another, not in a brother/sister type of way, but in a melding-into-one-person way. The happiest couples tend to be the ones who are shamelessly themselves and massively dorky in front of each other. The couples who last are the ones who learn how best to communicate with their other half, and that the best method is different for each couple. And possible most importantly – love and trust go so hand-in-hand that one just doesn’t exist without the other.

The day I met my husband, I knew we’d spend the rest of our lives together making each other laugh, finding adventure in this world, and raising each other up to be the best versions of ourselves we could be. So, I’d say it wasn’t exactly love at first sight – it was destiny, inevitability, kismet!


One of the many stories representing our love happened quite recently actually.

At the beginning of September, I broke my leg during roller derby practice. This being my first ever broken anything (I apparently lived my childhood on a worry-free pillow) – I was unprepared for the excruciating pain, the inability to do simple tasks, the complete dependence I would have on another person for the many long weeks my leg was a useless inconvenience. I’m normally a fiercely independent woman so all these things were especially difficult for me.

Not only did my husband rise to the occasion with gusto, the whole experience made me fall in love with him all over again. He took care of my every need and want without making me feel guilty. He made me laugh while I was in full ugly-cry mode. He somehow made me feel pretty in the midst of my awkward hobbling with crutches, even during my Fred Sanford strut once I graduated to a walking cast. He insisted the cats stop using my cast as a scratching post.

Each experience in life we face, we face fully together, and that’s how we come out the other side stronger and with our love having grown. That’s not to say that life together is always sunshine and kitten whiskers; it can be a struggle, at times confusing and frustrating, and let’s throw all responsibilities out the window and stop this madness. But when you’re with the person you’re meant for, love is worth fighting for.

And the best thing about this universe of spirited individuals is that love happens differently for and to each person. Fight fiercely for it. It’s worth it.


Robyn IcksRobyn was born and raised on the Oklahoma plains. She’s traveled far and wide, but always comes back home to her favorite state. Infatuated with being surrounded by true love, she is lucky enough to photograph weddings by day. By night, she reads, snuggles her five cats, and plans road trips with her hubby. Online you can mainly find her spending too much time oogling images on Instagram, and also on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

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