An Oklahoma Love Song

Please sing the following lines aloud, to the tune of Do You Like Pina Coladas?


If you like laying in sunshine
And enjoying the rain…
If you really love the Arts Fest
And know tornadoes sound like trains…

And if you wait unti-il Landrun Day
To put your veggies in the ground…
And the thrill of a Thunder Game
Makes you scream and join the crowd…

Then you live in Oklahoma!
You are from the Sooner State.
You know the beauty of our sunsets,
You love the red of our lakes.

Oklahoma in the springtime
Such a sight to behold…
Redbud blooms on every corner,
Eagles nesting at Mount Scott.

How I love you Oklahoma!
Every sight and every sound.
All the history and culture,
All the people, every town.


Okay I admit that was pretty silly. The Pina Colada song has been the melody of my thought process for a couple of weeks now, no mater what I’m thinking about, and I am powerless against its rhythm. But like all the animals here at the Lazy W, I have a touch of Spring Fever and can only focus on something for a few moments at a time. This makes it tricky to sit and construct perfect song parodies. Everything is blooming, budding, or sprouting, and our windows are open more often than not. Our days are several hours longer suddenly, and our hearts are bursting with possibility.

I will, though, take the time to say how nice it has been meeting more of you warm, brilliant women through this writing opportunity. I really appreciate the chance to post as Blogger of the Month and hope we all continue to get better and better acquainted!

Happy Springtime, fellow Oklahomans. Enjoy every detail.

me by dee head shotXOXOXOXO

Marie Wreath is the Oklahoma Women Blogger Blogger of the Month. Find her online at The (Not Always) Lazy W.
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