An Old Time Blogger


I began blogging what seems like a million years ago, 2002. I was pregnant with by youngest daughter and completely isolated in a small town in Nebraska. I was new to being a SAHM (it only lasted 2 years, I honestly couldn’t hack it), and my hubs was gone a lot as he was a teacher and football/track/basketball coach.  It began as a way for me to connect with others. Around 2004 I found Blogger and decided that I wanted to do a knitting blog which I did for several years (The Procrastiknitter). Around 2010 I decided that I wanted to take a different direction with blogging. My life was getting busy and the kids were getting older. My knitting was taking a backseat, but I still had things to say and stories to tell. Most of those stories were about my adventures with my girls and my kitchen. I blogged for others. Not myself.


In 2012, I found my purpose in blogging, to share. I have always had a servant’s heart. I love to entertain, to bless people with handmade creations (food and otherwise). I blog to share my stories, my recipes, and my traditions. I blog so that my children have a visual record of all the cool things we did together, and have a log of the recipes that they enjoyed the most. I blog because my garden has become my refuge and the recipes, tricks, and tips I have learned from others that have passed on or that are growing older need to be distributed to a new generation. At least that’s what I tell myself when I post embarrassing pictures of my children or tell tales of my epic fails in the kitchen….or the time that I thought that I was growing cucumbers but they turned out to be oblong cantaloupe. Ok, ok, ok…’s really for the adventure that is life and whether you want to or not, I like to hijack people into coming along.


Rachel Hough is our Blogger of the Month. She blogs at The Domestic Artiste.


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