April Blogging Challenge

Spring is here! Taxes are filed! The birds are singing! The grills are fired up! It’s time to celebrate!

Here at OkWB, we’ll be hosting a Blogging Challenge April 15 – 19. We have a daily link-up so you can see what everyone else is blogging. Plan now to participate:

April 15–Rubber Eraser Day: Blog about a mistake you make that you wish you could fix or that you did fix and make better!

April 16–Stress Awareness Day: Blog about what stresses you out and what you do to bust up that stress

April 17–Blah, blah, blah Day: Make a to-do list and tackle it; get those nag-ers off your box. (Wordless Wednesday–take pics of your projects!)

April 18–High Five Day: Give a shout-out to someone in your life who deserves a high five.

April 19–Garlic Day: Share a recipe that uses garlic.

We hope you’ll make plans to participate it. Snag the button for your blog and let everyone know what’s going on!

OKWB Celebrations

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