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If you are a woman living in Oklahoma there is a pretty darn good chance that you are a caregiver to someone or you have been a caregiver and now you are a care receiver or you are waiting to be both – at different times of course.  If you think you aren’t, let me tell you about the timeline in my life and see if yours matches up somewhat:  Until I was seventeen, I was a care receiver.  At 18 I became a caregiver to my daughter.  At 28, still caregiving my daughter I also became the caregiver of my Nana and my dad.  After dad passed, I continued to care for my Nana and my daughter.  The year my daughter went to college,   my Nana passed away.  It seems I immediately became my mother’s caregiver and still am today.  My husband and I share caregiving duties of our grandson with his other grandmother, my mother, and his parents.  One day, Top Girl and Rocket will be my and my husband’s caregiver – I’m sure of it because the boys just aren’t cut out for that.  I blame their dad.  🙂

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Did you know that Oklahoma ranks 50th (that’s dead last) in support for family caregivers?  Did you know that Oklahoma generally ranks in the top seven – currently number two – in the number of Grandparents raising Grandchildren?  Are you or someone you know a caregiver for an elderly and/or disabled person?  It is so difficult to juggle all the responsibilities, finances, and decisions in order to do it all.  That’s why, once a year we offer a free one-day conference for all caregivers.  We hold them in different parts of the state each year so we can try to reach as many people as possible.  We offer breakfast and lunch (also free) to those attending.  I am one of the speakers.  While this may seem like self-promotion, it has nothing to do with my blog or me being a blogger and has everything to do with getting information out to the caregiving women and men in Oklahoma!  Maybe you are not a current caregiver but there are those in your church and/or social circle who are – then they could benefit.


This year we will be:

August 28 – McAlester, OK @ the Southeast Expo Center – Registration Deadline is August 21.

August 29 – Claremore, OK @ the Northeast Technology Center – Registration Deadline is August 21.

September 13 – Lawton, OK @ Great Plains Technology Center – Registration Deadline is September 6.

The Agenda at each one-day conference will be:

Caring for Others, What About Me?

Rick Combs, MA,

OKDHS Human Resources



Using Medication Safely: A Key

Ingredient to Your Health

Mark Stratton, Pharm.D.,

OU College of Pharmacy, Institute for

Geriatric Pharmacy


Resources for Family Caregivers – You get a booklet to take home from me!

Kelli Davidson, MA

OKDHS Aging Services


Legal Issues for Family Caregivers

Shirley Cox, MSW, Esq.

OKDHS Aging Services


The Gifts

Laree Reidenbaugh, M.Ed.,

OKDHS Human Resources


If you or someone you know (please share on your blog, at church, in your neighborhood) would benefit from this conference, please go online and register here:

Or, for the McAlester Conference you may register by calling:

Samantha Humphries 918-465-2367


For Claremore Conference you may register by calling:

Cindy Aldridge 918-783-5793


For the Lawton Conference you my register by calling:

Vonn Saltzman 580-252-0595

Deadlines are August 21 in McAlester and Claremore and September 6 in Lawton.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Kelli Davidson blogs at Kelli’s Retro Kitchen Arts and is our Blogger Of The Month for August.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting! Oklahoma Caregivers are such an important part of the social fiber of our great state – this is our way of helping them continue on doing the toughest job they will ever have. Again: Please share on all your social media sites and take a copy to church to post on the current events board. KK

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have the opportunity to work with Kelli and, through her professional and personal experiences, know her as an expert in caregiving issues. I have heard all of the speakers at these workshops and guarantee you will leave with plenty of information to make your caregiving easier.

  3. Tana says:

    This is a great conference. You will go away from this conference with valuable information that you will be able to actually use. Let’s try to get out of 50th place by letting others know about this conference.

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