August? Already?

By Mari Farthing, Oklahoma Women Blogger admin.

Sometimes I truly hate to be right. I predicted that July would fly quickly by, dropping us into August without so much as a “thank you very much,” barreling toward back to school and fall with no respect for summertime. And oh, how right I was. July for me went by before I could even catch my breath! But now, with just a few scant weeks before school stars, I’m holding on with both hands.

IMG_6016Heading back to the car after a few hours of crystal digging in the mud.

IMG_6024One of the most fun things I did in July was to visit the Great Salt Plains to take my kids crystal digging. Unfortunately, the great salt plains were more like a great salt marsh on the day we visited, but we still had fun… though I couldn’t understand why we were instructed to carry water with us to wash the crystals out when all the crystals we found were underwater!

It was still a whole lot of fun even though it was a far cry from the dry, dusty plains we were expecting. In fact, very little about July has been what I expected; there were days when we wore long pants and kept the windows open to catch cool breezes, in the middle of the day in July. It was a far cry from those record high temperatures of years past and I’m not complaining. July might have flown by, but it was a good time to be an Oklahoman.

IMG_6030One of my family’s favorite parks down here in Moore was directly hit by the tornado that came through in May of 2013—but this summer, portions of the park have been reopened for visitors. The playground has been rebuilt (thanks in part to a “favorite parks” campaign by Coca-Cola) and the walking loop is again accessible. During one of our walks, we discovered a few gnome homes among the trees. I always knew this place was magical.

Dee Nash1And now August is here! We are featuring a new blogger of the month, Dee Nash, who is a wife and mother and gardener—perfect to help us promote our August theme of “Local Flavor.” She blogs at several sites, and you can click over to our Blogger of the Month page to learn all about Dee.



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  1. Lucie says:

    July was a time of anticipation: kid about to leave for college, another preparing to start high school ( from homeschool) and me looking for a new job. Then right at the end of the month came college orientation, high school registration, my new job, etc. August is starting out like a barrel race.

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