Back In My Day – The 90s

Contributed by Stephanie Clinton, OWB Admin

Recently, my husband and I were channel surfing when we stopped on Robin Hood staring Kevin Coster and Morgan Freeman.  This movie came out when I was in high school and I thought it was the best movie ever.  That same week I rushed out to get the single Everything I do, I do it for you by Brian Adams.  Remember cassette singles?  Remember that slim little cardboard cover?  It seemed so cool and trim compared to the regular plastic case.  That year I slow danced to that song in the gym with a boy named Kyle.  Or was it Richard, maybe Tyler?  After swaying in spot, back and forth,  the DJ would keep the mood going with November Rain.  Longest slow dance ever.  Remember that video?  I was so confused…was he with the blond or the brunette?  Did Axle get married and then she died?  Was it a tragic ending to a love affair gone wrong?  And why was one of the girls in a super short wedding dress?

Speaking of videos; remember when they were on all the time?  Is there even a place to watch videos other than YouTube now?  My mom thought MTV was a bad news so I wasn’t allowed to watch it.  When a teenager isn’t allowed to do something, what is the one thing they want to do most?  Yup, whatever they are forbidden from.  I would sit in the living room after school with the “clicker” pointed at the tv, volume turned down low so I could watch it but listen for my mom coming.  My finder was on the channel up button so I could quickly change the channel should she get too close to the den.

I had a serious crush on Christian Slater thanks to Robin Hood and especially when I saw him Untamed Heart in 1993.  But in 1994 Christian had to step aside for Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall.  Holy smokes was he hot.  That was really my first introduction to Brad because I was too young to watch an R rated movie in 1991 so I never saw him break on to the scene in Thelma and Louise.  I thought Brad and I were destined and then in 1996 I saw Romeo and Juliet staring Leonardo DiCaprio.  It was all over for me after that movie.  Leo is still my Hollywood crush, even more than Brad Pitt.  I think it’s because Leo and I grew up together.  We’re the same age where Brad is about a decade older than me so he seemed like that older, hot guy that you had a crush on but knew he would never notice you because you like a little sister.  Leo and I, well, what can I say.  I’ve been there for him through all of his Golden Globe and Oscar snubs…he just doesn’t know it.  I guess this is what you call unrequited love.

Who is your Hollywood crush from your youth?

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