Blogger of the Month: Kelly Roberts – Why I Blog

Contributed by February Blogger of the Month, Kelly Roberts

When I think of blog as a verb, I think: writing, sharing, commitment.

When I think of blog as a noun, I think: resource, specialization, and exchange of information.

When I think of a blog as a social phenomenon, I think…well, no I don’t think. My essence slightly repels from this frame – primarily, because since humankind has possessed language and the tools to share thoughts, the compelling force to do so has always prevailed.

To differentiate a blog from any other print or multi-media publication-slash-magazine-slash-web-based-thingy is, to me, an exercise in futility. The twenty-first century Blog is to our society as what Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was to our nascent and evolving Nation in 1776: a call to action, an education, a philosophical dialogue toward the evolution of our hopes and dreams.

Writers research and put forth processes of learning. They share what they’ve already learned so others can skip steps if they wish. And, writers find non-fiction themes about topics in which they specialize. Or a minutia of fictional themes over a story line they’ve never considered until the first words spilled out of their heads and through their fingers…splashing onto fifty versions of screens. Providing late night retina burn, brain wrinkles, smiles, and tears.

I suppose the “why” of my blogging has to do, in a sense, with all of the above. My family members were multi-vocational as many independent farmers in Oklahoma are. With that context comes a Generalist attitude; the assumption that if there is a task to do, then “we’ll figure it out.”

I make videos, yet have no formal training. I write, but have never taken a creative writing class. I manage the Red Dirt Chronicles on a platform but have never taken a class in HTML, blogging, or new media production. I just… “figured it out.”

I figured it out because Time is my love language. Oklahoma is my love context. And, the Socratean adage of “always have a mentor, always be a mentor” in order to grow until you die is a mantra I share over and over.

I blog because my blog is a way of disseminating my own Common Sense to those who would seek my specialized frame of sense making. Because someone else might figure it out through some of my own figuring. Because I value humankind and have a tool with which to communicate. And because, I accept the role of being a mentor, only because of so many other bloggers who are my mentors.

So, I can grow until I die.

Kelly RobertsKelly Roberts is a social scientist, therapist, and editor of the Red Dirt Chronicles – an Oklahoma culture blog. She is a sixth-generation Okie who lives in Edmond and teaches in Denton, TX. Weekends home with her spouse, occasional hangouts with her emerging adult-aged children, and Tonks the Malamute are her favorite things.
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