Blogger of the Month: My Little Victory Garden

Contributed by February Blogger of the Month, Kelly Roberts

While I miss this series very much, I know I’ll return to it sooner or later.  The first really creative posts I tried while combining cooking and gardening were entitled, “My Little Victory Garden.”  I loved my savory lamb and tomato parpardalle recipe, I loved my pea shoots shooters, and so many more.  But what I REALLY loved about these posts were that they gave me an opportunity to walk to my garden, cruise through a local farmer’s market, and create with what I was given, rather than what I chose.  This post is just one example of that series, but I loved the food very much. Read the entire post here: Ratatoulle’s Ratatouille for Two-ie

Kelly RobertsKelly Roberts is a social scientist, therapist, and editor of the Red Dirt Chronicles – an Oklahoma culture blog. She is a sixth-generation Okie who lives in Edmond and teaches in Denton, TX. Weekends home with her spouse, occasional hangouts with her emerging adult-aged children, and Tonks the Malamute are her favorite things.
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