Blogger of the Month: Thrift Shop Challenge

This month’s thrift store challenge was so much fun! Next Thursday, September 26, come back to Oklahoma Women Bloggers and link up your thrift shop find!

However, I decided to bend the rules a little bit. I bought my first home a couple of months ago and I made it a priority to stop buying clothes. *gasp* I know! It has been soo hard!

I just needed to focus my extra income on the Doll House. It takes a lot to fill a home and I have to make sacrifices.

So when the ladies at OWB asked me to participate in their thrift store challenge, I had to get creative!

I went to the local Goodwill looking for something cute & functional for the Doll House.

I found this great fruit bowl for $1.99.

Thrift Shop1


I loved the shape of the bowl but wasn’t too crazy about the color.

I picked up a can of spray paint ($3.77) at Wal-Mart and gave it a quick makeover!


Thrift Shop2

Thrift Shop 3

It looks so good in my kitchen; I love the crisp white color against the vibrant yellow bananas.

Thrift Shop 4


I love candles; the bowl made a perfect centerpiece on my table. I think it would be so cute to surround the candle with red berries during the holidays

Thrift Shop 5

…or maybe fill the bowl with flowers?


Not too bad considering the entire project cost me a little more than $5.

Before I wrap up my post, I have to tell you about my all-time favorite “thrifting” experience! A couple of years ago, my friend and I threw a Harry Potter party. We completely decorated her house in garage sale/thrift store finds, transforming it to Gryffindor common room, Snape’s potion classroom and the Three Broomsticks Inn. It was so amazing. You can see pictures at my blog here.

Of course, my costume was comprised of thrift store finds as well!

Thrift Shop 6

The green tie (bought at Goodwill) inspired me to be a Slytherin student!

It is amazing what you can do with a small budget and a little creativity!

What about you, have you had any luck “thrifting?”



 Brittney Orr is our Blogger of the Month for September. She blogs at Brittney’s Orr-dinary Life


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