Mari FarthingMari Farthing is a writer, editor, mother, music-lover, knitter, runner and rainy day fan. She moved to Oklahoma in 2001 and after realizing it was going to be home, spent the past 15 years becoming an unofficial ambassador for her adopted state. She is proud to be an #OkieFromMilwaukee. Find her at

Born & Raised:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m the Okie from Milwaukee

courtesy of the USAF & University of Maryland in Germany

24 years of wedded bliss to Tony

Responsible for:
a teenage boy, a tween girl, Trixie the black lab and just under an acre of wilderness

Day job:
I’m a freelance writer and editor and I’m also a co-producer/director for Listen To Your Mother OKC (


Other passions:
I dabble in all the things: I run, cook, knit, paint and I’m learning to garden and love the outdoors after moving to a wild patch of land in Choctaw.

Favorite author/books:
This is a tough one. I have so many books that I love, and I always have stacks and stacks of them around the house. My wildest dream would be to stop time for everyone else and go to a bookstore and just read to my heart’s content with no pressures from the world to interrupt me. My favorites change often, but the book I find myself most recommending is Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Parkand the series I want to re-read (before the movie! Squee!) is The Dark Tower by Stephen King.

Guilty pleasure:
If something makes you happy, it shouldn’t make you feel guilty. Though I might have to put cheesy pop music in this category because some songs make me cringe even as I turn them up and sing along.

Favorite blogs: 
I’m a big fan of my OKWB ladies. I get mad inspiration on being a better person from LTYM founder Ann Imig ( and from Jackie Wolven

Dream vacation:
Dream vacation? A trip across the country in a chartered RV the size of my house where I can visit all the people and see all the things. Then I get on a private cruise liner with all of them and we tour the world.

Where else to find her:
@marifarthing on Twitter and Instagram. @marimargene on Pinterest. I’m also on Snapchat but still trying to figure that one out!



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