Bloomin’ In Oklahoma

I have a confession to make: I’m a baby blogger. I started my blog on a whim in January, but didn’t really do much with until May.

Of 2013.

Mainly, I wanted to show off some of my DIY projects. Along the way I found out that the blog-iverse is ENORMOUS and there are tons of people out there who dig the same kind of things I do. I’ve even “met” two other DIYers who are nurses like me! (Nurses love to fix people, so it makes sense we would love to fix other things as well.) And the list of ideas and inspirations I’ve found for things I would like to do is long, long, long. Then I discovered linky parties. OH. MY. Its a bit overwhelming.  SO I started to look for resources, some guidance, some friends or groups or something to help me do this blog thing a little better.


I found Oklahoma Women Bloggers.  And definitely felt like I’d hit the Red Pay Dirt of the blog-iverse.  Even more amazing was the  Editorial Calendar for August : Blooming where you are Planted. Whoa.  Let me show you two recent projects of mine:


Cori 2


Cori 3


This is my personal mantra, my reminder to dig in and make the best of any situation, and turn where-ever I’m at into the place that I want to be. After 20 years of being a military wife, I am Queen of Blooming Where I am Planted!!  I have lived in dorms with cinderblock walls that sweated year ’round, apartments with walls so thin they were nearly transparent, temporary housing, base housing, hotels that were barely habitable (thanks, short-notice PCS orders!), rent houses, and houses we had to sell less than two years after we bought them. Big houses, small houses, old houses, new houses. In 24 years of marriage we have had 11 addresses. Since graduating high school I’ve lived in  Texas, Mississippi, Colorado, Montana, and Oklahoma, and have a  husband who can also add Korea, UAE, Djiboutki, and Iraq to his domiciles.


In all cases, we took what was there, and we made a home. We made friends, and hung out in backyards filled with swingsets and toys, and tons of plants ‘cuz I love to garden. When we didn’t have a yard, we spent time at parks on base, the gym, the school yard.  We painted walls, and laid carpet, remodeled kitchens, and finished basements. Once we let the kids splatter paint their bedrooms, and got it not only on the walls, but the wood work, floors, and windows. The housing officer was un-amused, but the kids loved it. (And yes, we cleaned up all the paint that went where it shouldn’t have.) I used cotton fabric and spray starch as wallpaper because we weren’t allowed to put up real wallpaper in base housing and my daughter wanted butterflies and flowers on her walls. Another military mom taught me that, and solved our butterfly crisis. 🙂 We built a bunk bed fort with a slide for our sons, and a dining room table that would hold up to a home daycare because I wanted to stay home when the kids were little.


We spent eight years in Montana, the first place I ever lived where they didn’t have air conditioning in the houses, which still boggles my Southern mind. It does get hot in Montana, BTW, just not for very long each year. And it gets cold. Really cold. Your-vinyl-car-seats-will-crack-when-you-sit-on-them cold. That happens at about -60 for those who are curious when your block heater goes out.  After about 8 years of that nonsense, I told my husband this Southern gal was going home, and he should probably put in for orders so he could come with the rest of us. The Air Force sent us to Tinker AFB in 2001, and we’ve been here ever since. It’s been good to be back where summer is really summer, and winter doesn’t require you to put a heater on your vehicle. We’re within driving distance of family in Texas, and we both moved our parents here with us a while back. Our last child graduated high school this year, and for a bit we talked about moving, maybe back to Colorado. But we’ve come to realize that Oklahoma really is home, and its a great place to live.  Our family has grown and flourished in the red dirt of Oklahoma and we’ve put down roots here, so here we will stay. And bloom.

Don’t forget to make a vlog and link it up!

 CoriCori Warner: I’m a surgery nurse going back to school for my practitioner’s license, a mom of three college-aged kids, a military wife of 24 years, a veteran myself, a gardener, a scrapbooker who still hasn’t finished all the kids’ scrapbooks, a crafter, a do-it-yourself-er who is willing to take on almost any project, a blogger, an avid reader of essentially nerdy genres like science fiction and paranormal romance, a video gamer, a Red Dirt and Classic Rock fan,  and  a Texas-raised Okie . Me, in a single run-on sentence. My blog is The Flying C.

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  1. ShaRhonda says:

    Good for you. I love crafting it up and just did my first big repurpose project- a mirrored chalkboard. You’ll have to come critique me!!! Lol! I think you definitely hit the red pay dirt of the blogoverse. Love OkWB. Thanks for sharing your story about blooming where you grow.

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