Cake Shake

The other day, I found a gray hair. This is a problem, because I’ve spent a significant portion of my twenties refusing to grow up, and now my hair is trying to proclaim to the world that I am, in fact, an adult. I don’t understand my 401k, I don’t feel like I’m old enough to use an X-acto knife without supervision, and I regularly eat candy for breakfast. (Sour Patch Kids and a can of Dr. Pepper is totally a breakfast of champions sort of meal. Champion of what I don’t quite know.)

Anyway, to top it all off, I can’t cook. I grew up in a family with two parents who are amazing cooks, and now I’m cohabitating with a man who cooks me all of my meals. I’m incredibly lucky, if not completely dependent upon others for nourishment. (See my breakfast of champions above for further proof.)

Not one to be deterred by common sense and good judgment, I thought I would take this post to experiment with a recipe. It’s symbolic in that it contains quite a few of my favorite things. It’s the culinary equivalent of the battle hymn of the overgrown child. It’s the sort of comfort food one needs when one realizes that one is basically a worthless heap of overgrown adolescence in the graying body of what can pass for an adult most days.

And before you all actually take me seriously, let me just say that I’m fixing to put cake, ice cream, and booze in a blender, so don’t go congratulating me on becoming a viable human being just yet.


Step 1: Go buy some cupcakes. I mean, I guess you could bake them yourself. But it’s 2014 and I derive no pleasure from using the oven. This recipe is kind of all about instant gratification and taking the time to make cupcakes is antithetical to what we’re trying to accomplish.

You should pick one of the more obscenely adorned cupcakes. They have more sugar, generally speaking. Hell, pick two.


Step 2: Get some ice cream. The bigger the container, the more likely you are to have leftovers for breakfast throughout the week. There’s nothing like eating ice cream from a travel coffee mug while you’re inching along in morning rush hour traffic.


Step 3: Scour your liquor cabinet for a usable alcohol. Now, chances are you have stuff left over from the one time you decided to make wedding cake martinis for someone’s bridal shower. You can use anything, though I would suggest you go with your amarettos, your Frangelicos, or your Kahluas. However, if you’re a next-level sugar fiend like myself, then you find yourself purchasing and consuming a lot of very niche alcohols. My liquor store keeps them near the front, kind of like where your grocery store keeps all the impulse buys. That’s why I had pralines in the form of booze. Also, I generally have no self-control.


Step 4: Throw it all in the fancy pants blender you bought so you could make healthy smoothies. Nothing really turns out like you thought it would, does it?


Step 5: Pour that beast in an imperial pint glass, because who doesn’t need 20-ounces of cake, ice cream and alcohol? In a related story, my jeans aren’t fitting so great right now. Maybe it’s the cake shakes or the ice cream for breakfast. Another symptom of my extended adolescence is the psychological inability to acknowledge that there are consequences for my actions. Or maybe that’s just my sociopathy.

MarisaMohiHave you ever made a cake shake? What’s your favorite alcohol to mix with dessert foods? I’m dying to try some lime sherbet margarita shakes some day.

Marisa Mohi may not be a food blogger but she is the Oklahoma Women Bloggers Blogger of the Month. Find her at

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  1. I’ve been wondering what to do with that bottle of Praline Liqueur I bought thinking it would elevate hot chocolate. (It turns out butterscotch schnapps still reigns.) Predictably, there’s no such thing as left-over cupcakes at my house, so I’m not sure what I’ll use for the cake component. Although I bet Praline Liqueur and ice cream blended is still a good combo!

  2. You’re my kind of cook! When my husband was out of town, the kids couldn’t believe their luck when I fed them fancy breakfasts like cereal and donuts. I look forward to trying this recipe.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Oh my lands…I need this in my mouth right now. My all time favorite sweet liquor is Disorono. Bless it, it is magic combined with hot chocolate.

  4. This brings back memories! When I was in college and worked part-time at an ice-cream store, we could take home ice cream at the end of a shift. So I started experimenting with alcohol concoctions back then. My favorite was making margaritas out of margarita flavored sherbet, but chocolate-peanut butter ice cream and Frangelico was awesome too. I never thought to add in cake/cupcakes, but that’s on my list now. 🙂

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