Checking in at the Lazy W

Hello again! Thanks so much for checking in. Today I am sharing FAQ’s at the Lazy W. Anytime we have visitors, which is pretty often for a million wonderful reasons, we end up answering lots of questions, and we just love that. Handsome and I agree that filling our home with happy, life-thirsty people gives us the best vibes. Those vibes stay here and add to the warmth, the energy we love so much. People come up with really interesting, unusual questions, but what follows is a list of the 20 most common questions we answer. Maybe I should print this off and post it at the farm for visitors? That might be funny.

Frequently Asked Questions at the Lazy W

Why do you have a buffalo? No reason, we just love him so much. We fell in love with bison, the Oklahoma state animal, several years ago when a close family friend shared his herd raising experience with us. Then in 2008 we had a rare opportunity to purchase our own calves, which really was a rescue. Chunk-Hi is very special and not for slaughter, but sometimes we threaten him when he is naughty. He’s not too worried. Visit my blog in May for the buffalo birthday fun and more stories!

Why do you have a parrot? Again, no reason, we just love him so much. Our macaw, Bobby Pacino, was a baby when we adopted him in 2006. He was a milestone gift for Handsome’s 30th birthday. And again, we threaten him with all kinds of things when he is naughty (which is often). But he, like his buffalo brother, is not too worried.

How old is he? Pacino was hatched in May and will be 8 this year. We still have his egg shell halves. He has a crazy long life span, much longer than ours, so we are always on the look out for people to add to our parrot bequeathing plan. How do you feel about birds?

Does he talk? We barely get a word in edgewise. At my most recent inventory, he knows 120 words and phrases, and he uses every single one appropriately. It can be both thrilling and downright creepy to have a conversation with him.

Do the llamas spit? Our three llamas are pretty mellow. Mama Llama Seraphine does spit but never at us, only at her mate. This is lucky, but we still have to stay upwind of the whole business because llama spit smells like, well, it’s not good. Putrid smells better.

How many acres is this? The Lazy W is just shy of ten acres. And it is our crazy little paradise. The adjacent Pine Forest is a bonus slice of unoccupied beauty teeming with wildlife. We don’t own it, but we are welcome to explore and admire. Which we do, frequently.

How did you decorate your house? With untold trips to estate sales and gluttonous stops at the world’s most varied flea markets. I am lucky to be married to a man who supports self expression and color and who deeply appreciates art and originality. We are some of “those people” who take great pride in never paying full price. And it’s so much fun. I’m about to switch from a taupe wall color to deep gray. I think it will look fantastic behind all of our crazy art.

Do you rent out your Apartment? (The Apartment is our big upstairs add-on bedroom intended for my girls to use and enjoy if they ever choose to. I’m in the fun process of feathering that nest.) Nope, we don’t rent it, but we have hosted Couchsurfers a few times and became friends with them. We also welcome friends and loved ones here as often as possible, in the Apartment when it’s available. Handsome’s Dad lived with us for several months and that space came in very handy. I feel very blessed to have it.

Are the geese dangerous? Yes. Please be careful. You’re in greater immediate danger with the geese than with the buffalo. One gander named Mia will occasionally choose a woman to love, and when he does this he is hooked for life. The other four? All bets are off.

Do you sell your eggs? We get so many each week, I always intend to, but they are such fun to share! Maybe this is the year to gather some income. Eggs, herbs, veggies, manure compost… We’ll see if I have the self control needed to accept money from friends and neighbors.

Are there fish in your pond? There used to be, but severe drought followed by heavy rain last year did some damage. So we don’t know exactly what’s left, but we hope there are plenty of big fish deep in the water.

Do you guys fish? No. Gross.

Wait, you have your own pond and you don’t fish? Why not? Because, gross. But if you fish you are welcome to come! No guarantees.

Do you sell your honey? Yes, we sure will. I have had to order replacement NUCs this year, and I am on lists to collect wild bee swarms. So I anticipate a great bee population. This means Lazy W honey soon!

Will the buffalo get cavities from eating all those cookies? I mean, probably not??

Where do you get so many cookies? Handsome’s brother-in-law works for a cookie company that donates gobs and gobs of outdated product. The animals’ favorite is Oreo.

Do you ride your horses? Not really, although I dream of it. They need good training and our different pasture fences need mending. Romulus, the daddy llama, is so protective and territorial that he cannot be anywhere near the horses for everyone’s safety. I’m not even joking. In the mean time, we love the heck out of them and I do lots of brushing and cuddling.

Do you want some free and unsolicited advice on how to raise your animals, especially your bachelor buff? Why yes, please. That’s our favorite. : ) Do tell.

Can we ride the four-wheeler? No, we are sorry to seem inhospitable on this point, but in years past we have had so many near accidents with guests on four wheelers and go carts, that we are just too concerned about having a dangerous accident here at the farm. We’d much rather enjoy everyone’s company safely and happily! No emergency room visits.

When can we come back and bring our friends or kids or parents? Oh man I hope you do! Handsome and I have had the good fortune of meeting some of this world’s best people, and we always say that filling our home with love and laughter from a variety of personalities just keeps things here thrumming beautifully. Please come back!

Okay, that was fun to write! Whether you’ve visited the Lazy W yet or not, do you have any questions for us? The sillier the better.

me by dee head shotThanks again for checking in! Wish you an awesome first full week of spring.

Marie Wreath is the Oklahoma Women Blogger Blogger of the Month. Find her online at The (Not Always) Lazy W.


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  1. Rose Marie B says:

    Truly a magical place…I fell in love the moment I stepped out of my car the first time.
    Then I fell in love with a goose.
    Then I brought Hubs and he fell in love with the garage contents.
    Then I kissed a baby llama on the lips…well, you get my drift.

  2. I love this Q & A! I’m still kinda baffled by the buffalo…I can’t wrap my mind around owning a buffalo. I assume he grazes, but is there enough land for him to graze on? Do you have to supplement his diet when he has mowed everything down? Other than cookies? 🙂
    Can I come and visit?!

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