Cleaning Up Your Blog–De-Cluttering

A while back, I ran into an acquaintance at Hellmart. She commented about something that she had read on my blog. Then she went on to say, “I really love that story about Subway and chicken boobs. I tell people to read that all the time! I love your blog search.”

What blogger doesn’t get giddy when she hears that someone loves a part of her blog–either post or a series or a widget on her side bar? This led me to ask her what else she liked. Very graciously, she participated in my spur-of-the-moment marketing survey right there in the soup aisle.

With a little hesitation, I asked her what she didn’t like.

“Not much,” she said, “but I don’t get your labels.”

“My labels at the end of the posts?” I asked knowing that I had a tendency to get utterly silly with my labeling that they really served no purpose other than to satisfy my silly side.

She shook her head, “No.  The labels list at the side. It’s kind of clutter-y.”

What I appreciated about her input was that she wasn’t a fellow blogger, she wasn’t a potential advertiser, she was a reader who enjoyed coming to my blog. If she found it clutter-y, then others surely would as well. I raced home (after waiting in line at the only moving check out during rush hour) and took an honest look at the extras on my blog. She was right–why have a search box and a list? Seemed redundant and it really did look clutter-y. I junked it.



No one has missed it one bit. Now if only I could do something similar with my closets …

Heather DavisHeather Davis is administrator of Oklahoma Women Bloggers and blogs at a clutter-free Minivan Momma.

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  1. Great advice Heather, I never thought about it looking cluttery, but I, too am a blogger. Of course, I never had that list, in fact I’m not sure I have a searh list. Maybe I should remedy that?

  2. CHristine Jarmola says:

    My husband told me the other day I couldn’t read the font that my author info was written in. Guess I need to change that – it’s easier than changing husbands.

  3. I like that the non-blogger wasn’t impressed by clutter. As a new blogger, I keep seeing all the do-dads on other blogs that I don’t have (or know how to add on) – now I can embrace the simplicity of my format and reduce my blog-envy!

  4. Lisa Marotta says:

    I applaud your bravery in asking the “what don’t you like “question. We all need a little rain mixed with our sunshine feedback- otherwise we can’t grow. Feel free to send me critique anytime (rain or shine)!

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