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In four weeks, my baby boy will move 1300 miles away, knit 12, purl 4. I’m proud of his college scholarship but at the same time terrified he might feel lonely.
Our family can buy him books and linens; we can send brownies, knit 12, purl 4. But nothing changes the simple fact that I won’t be there if he gets his first D or some dream girl says no to coffee.
I won’t be there if she says yes either, knit 12, purl 4. He’ll Skype but not about those things. He won’t bother me when the food tastes bad or the dorm feels like it’s shrinking.
He’s such a man. Knit I-missed-the-count, pull out that row. He’ll tell me about A’s and the summer internships that fly. He won’t want to worry me.
He’s all grown up, dammit. Smart and independent, but … knit 12, purl 4. I know that little boy’s still in there and I’m sneaking one contraband mom-hug into his dorm room. Nobody will suspect. Shhh.
Fight on USC!
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  1. Stephanie Clinton says:

    I love reading your thought process as you make something for your son. Good luck to you both!

  2. I know it is scary but as a mom/step-mom who has done this three times, I can tell you that as much as you are scared, he is excited! Here’s the best news for you: He will appreciate you SO much more the first time he comes home than he ever has in his life. He will change, you can’t live in So Cal and not, but I swear to you, children return to the way they were raised…………at least Oklahoma people do. I hope that offers you some comfort in those first lonely days!
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  3. Lucie says:

    Thanks so much, Stephanie, Marie and Kelli. I know it will all work out. If it just wasn’t so darn far. But I’m earning frequent flyer miles. 🙂 Appreciate the support!

  4. Rose Marie B says:

    Ah Lucie, I feel your pain. It’s hard to imagine how in the world they’ll get by on their own but they do. He’ll find his own tribe at school, hopefully forging life long friendships and like Kelli said, he’ll suddenly appreciate all that Momma’s done for him to get him where he is. Good luck to all of you! 🙂
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  5. Lucie says:

    RoseMarie, I truly appreciate your voice of experience. When you’ve never done this, it sort of feels like sending him into a black hole.
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