Crock Pot Super Hero

Seriously. My Crock Pot has saved my skin on many occasions. You know how it is, moms, the days, they are busy. Who thinks of dinner when there’s actually time to make it? Not me. But that’s okay (because sometimes, I think that if I was organized and not so panicky, I’d have nothing to blog about, and then where would I be?). Because I have a secret weapon that’s not really so secret. My Crock Pot.


You probably have one, too. And like mine, it probably sat there in the back of the pantry (or closet or in the garage or attic or basement or … you get the picture) for many years until you had kids and then you remember that your mom used to use one of those things all the time.

So last week, I made magic in my Crock Pot; I made a meal that made my whole foodie family say thank you and nothing else during dinner. There were no “Next time you make this, you should [add this / not add that / change this]” which always drives me crazy and makes me want to reply: “Oh yeah? You can do better? Cook dinner yourself! I don’t care if you’re 8. Maybe you should think about that before you start criticizing.” Relax. I don’t really say that. But I think it. And perhaps my expressive eyes relay that.

But back to this week, where all was happy. I had a small beef roast that was threatening freezer burn in the back of the deep freeze. It was like the Goldilocks of roasts; too small for company but just a little too big for dinner, so there it sat. I decided today was the day for this little roast. Let it thaw for a few hours while I ran errands and worked (read: forgot about it) and then did a quick Google for beef roast + Crock Pot and found a few recipes that looked promising, but nothing perfect. So I MacGuyvered them together and made my own.

Here it is:

Crock Pot Beef Roast

1.75 lb beef roast

1 yellow onion, halved & sliced

6 cloves chopped garlic

1 t red pepper flakes

½ t black pepper

1 cup water

½ cup balsamic vinegar

1 T soy sauce

1 T honey

Put the roast in the bottom of the slow cooker and top with garlic, onion and red and black pepper

Mix liquids and pour into Crock Pot around roast (will likely not be enough to cover)

Cook on high for about 4-5 hours. I also basted my roast every now & then with the cooking liquid. I know that the first rule of Crock Pot cooking is you don’t lift the lid, but whatever; I make my own rules.

When it’s cooked, lift out the roast and shred it. At this point, I mixed up some gravy using Knorr beef stock (or use prepared gravy) and threw it in the pot with the cooking liquid. Put the shredded meat back in and let it all stay warm until you need it.


I served this with leftover white rice and roasted up some broccoli & cauliflower in the oven (tossed with olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper).

It was so good that the hubs took it for lunch the next day and emailed me, thanking him for lunch. I thought he was stepping out on me (was that email meant for his girlfriend? What!?) before I remembered that he took my leftovers to work.

MariMari Farthing is adminstrator of Oklahoma Women Bloggers and she blogs at Mari’s Virtual Notebook and Mari Edits.

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    • Mari says:

      It’s so incredibly yummy. Seriously. My kids were like absurdly happy to eat dinner that night. Of course, I balanced it with an undercooked baked chicken this week. Win some / lose some!

  1. I am part of the Crock Pot Sisterhood. Thanks for the recipe. I love that it has all natural ingredients! Usually, mine are right off the pantry shelf and out of the freezer.

    • Mari says:

      I’m cutting carbs & sugar (I think we discussed carbs Sunday? Maybe?) so if I can find something yummy and healthy, I’m happy. 🙂

  2. I’m all about any recipe that calls for balsamic vinegar. I’ve recently developed an addiction to that particular condiment. A little shop down the street from me sells a really fine grade of it, and I’ve been temtped to drink it straight from the bottle! Have no idea what that would do to my digestive system, but it’s almost worth taking the chance. I’m definitely giving this recipe a go. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Mari says:

      I had a run where I cooked all protein in a marinade that contained some variation on the balsamic vinegar theme. Some were awesome! Some … not so much. Hadn’t thought of guzzling it, though. Haven’t yet met a vinegar *that* good. But isn’t it just wine gone a little further?

  3. Lisa Marotta says:

    The crockpot was my dearest kitchen BFF back in the early years when my children and work hours were growing. Unfortunately my husband has a thing for crunchy burned things and threatened to remove his teeth if I continued daily crockpotting. We compromised and learned to alternate between my beloved crockpot and his bro-friend Webber grill. Thanks for the recipe (lets just not tell Sal it came from the crockpot!)

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