Embracing the Risk

Contributed by October Blogger of the Month, Kelly Guinn


It’s a word that takes me back to Christmas 1995, when my cousin received the board game, Risk, and proceeded to conquer us all in his quest for World Domination.

Or you know, at least Parker Brothers World Domination.

(Risk is low on my board game totem pole. I always get stranded with just Australia. Lame.)

But Risk in 2015 looks wildly different. Even if you don’t have delusions of grandeur – risk as a blogger is real. Risk as a mother is real.

When you’re writing, it’s such an isolated process. Maybe you’re tucked away in a coffeeshop. Or maybe you’re up late when the house is quiet in a special place in your home. Or maybe you’re on your couch and the only other company you have is Loralei Gilmore spouting witticisms and on-point motherly advice from your Netflix que.

Point is – it’s likely just you and your little fingers pecking away at that keyboard. And when you click “publish”, you can walk away and be done with it. And if you’re me, you don’t really think about that someone you know or could meet in the real world will read those carefully crafted words. Because why would anyone care to read your words? They’re just words, after all. And outside of your mom and two best friends, no one else is really obligated to click on your blog.

But, just when you least expect it. You’ll face that risk head on.

Someone you meet will tell you they read your blog.

A few months ago, I introduced myself to a sweet momma at my daughter’s school. Our girls are in the same class and my daughter is a big fan of hers. After we chatted for a minute she looked at me and said, “This may sound weird, but do you have a blog?”


“Um, yes, I do.”

At this moment, I wanted to just disappear into the floorboards. Or, at the very least, change the subject as quickly as humanly possible. Because – oh my gosh – my WORDS. She READS MY WORDS. What if she hates my words? What if, by extension of my words, she hates me? Does she think I’m a narcissist for thinking my thoughts deserve a little corner of the internet all their own? Have I already ruined a potential friendship for my daughter who can’t even speak her words yet? The risk of blogging was hitting me hard and fast.

Clearly I had not thought this through.

Luckily for me, she seemed to like the silly words I put out on the interwebs. She had kind things to say and as I searched her face for judgment or side eye – I found none.

Bullet dodged, maybe she’ll even let me keep Australia.


Kelly Guin

Kelly is a full-time working momma to her with her one year old daughter, Genevieve. Because her life is very glamorous, she can often be found saying things like, “Please don’t wipe your nose on that” and “Please stop throwing food at mommy”. In lieu of laundry, she spends her spare time chronicling life’s (mis)adventures and celebrating mediocrity at The OK Momma. She is the managing editor of the Oklahoma City Moms Blog, and you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Rose Marie B says:

    I can only imagine the simultaneously thrill and terror of a ‘stranger’ reading my blog and asking about it. I’m still in the ‘friends & family’ stage of my blog and I still wince every once in a while when they read my posts. lol Nice to meet you Kelly!
    Rose Marie B recently posted…Teeninetsy CourageMy Profile

  2. Letty Watt says:

    I understand your “publish” moment and go on. I’m often relieved and yet pleased with myself for finishing something, but then I wonder IF I might have said something to offend someone. Like you, I met a classmate who commented to me, that he, too, had felt just like I did in grade school. I was puzzled, until he said, “that I read on your blog.” Wow, I hadn’t offended anyone, what relief. Glad we are both out there telling our stories.
    Letty Watt recently posted…A Toast to MomentsMy Profile

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