Fabulous Fashion Friday: Polyvore

I love clothes. I’m not a fashion blogger but I’m a blogger who wears clothes… so that’s kinda the same thing, right?

I also love capsule wardrobes and that whole KonMari method of less is more.

Well, in theory anyway.

But I am babystepping toward bringing this idea of capsule wardrobes and making less be more instead of buying all the things on sale and stuffing them into my closet and dresser drawers because I like to have all! the! things! I think I might need a less is more injection in my life.

While considering how this *might* be for me, I decided I needed to “shop my closet” instead of going out and shopping (being in between freelance gigs is a contributing factor there), and I’m choosing items that I don’t wear maybe as often as I should.

In July, I dipped my toe into Polyvore, a super fun fashion website that I assume everyone else already knows about, to see how all of that might work. I chose a hot pink shirt and picked a few different ways to wear it. But I really got into it in August.

For my chosen item, I picked out an AVA & VIV sleeveless denim dress from Target. I put together six different outfits over the course of the month, and I’ll share them with you here.

Outfit 1: Cowboy Casual

1I love when I find things that I actually own on Polyvore. Mostly because I don’t know how to add things to the collages! in this case, I own the boots (love them) and very similar accessories.

I chose this because I really like the way denim and leather go together, I like pairing high and low items (in this case, fancy accessories with this casual dress), and I love cowboy boots.

I also love the blue stitching on the boots and how it ties into the blue of the dress.

Outfit 2: Punk Rock Girl

2Okay, punk rock girl might be a bit of a stretch… but kind of, right?

I wanted to think of ways to layer under the dress when/if it got chilly. I mean, in theory it could, right? Even though it’s August… in Oklahoma.

I love black and white and red together. I have a red bag (though not this one), a similar bracelet and these shoes.

* Pause for you to admire those fierce Chucks. *

This one is more casual and I would probably also wear tights with it

Outfit 3: Hi! I’m Brian Fellows!

3Brian Fellows? Yes. Because this is my outfit that looks inspired by safari wear. Like the Tracy Morgan character on SNL. You’re either laughing or shaking your head at me right now.

I used to have a pair of boots like this, they were from Victoria’s Secret and were a bit more chunky with a lug sole, but they were cute. I no longer have them but they’re cute. I have a green sweater like this and really love that tortoiseshell necklace. I might need to find something like that.

The bag? Well, that’s just wishful thinking. Every girl needs a dream, yeah? And right now, mine is a Dolce & Gabbana Duaphine Escape textured leather tote.

Le sigh.

Outfit 4: The Weekend Look

4I like a clog but I’m never completely sure about pairing them with a skirt or dress. But I do like how this outfit comes together.

I wore a very similar look this weekend, pairing a leopard cardigan with this dress and a statement necklace. However, I wore the look with tall brown cowboy boots (different from the other ones) and a sweet gold clutch bag that’s actually a pencil case by Mead.

Seriously $6 pencil case. And I was complimented on it. I picked out the pencil case clutch because it was a good value and because it was similar to a bag I was looking at for another outfit. Also, I don’t have a newsprint tote but I did pick up a composition bag printed tote when I saw it in the store. I was reminded of this outfit and selected it for that, but I think the color and print would work better with outfit #2.

Outfit #5: And Now For Something Completely Different

Flannel. It’s big. I guess grunge is coming back. Again. 5

I like flannel in a not-s0-dressy application, and think this lightweight flannel (similar to one I own) would pair nicely over the dress for a casual look.

The boots are inspired by a pair my 11-year-old daughter has and the purse? Seriously. How fierce is that thing? Another Dolce & Gabbana treasure. The gold clutch I found made me think of this—a little sweet, a little edgy.

I think this is a great casual fall outfit.

Outfit 6: And Now For Something Completely Different

6As I was considering these various outfits, I realized that they were all pretty casual or definitely not work-focused, so I set myself on a course to find a more businessy type outfit. I mean, the tshirt bottom of the dress doesn’t really lend itself to business wear, but stay with me here.

Who doesn’t love a crisp white blouse? I think this could go over or under the dress—I prefer it under, so the shirt tails aren’t hanging out, free and easy. I love the color of this jacket with the rest of the outfit also.

Then, since this was more of a not really my reality outfit, I really tried to have fun with it. I guess I prefer this dress with funky footwear (like boots). And this little clutch looked adorable, punching up the feminine and flirty outfit.

So, that was my Polyvore adventure for August! Though we are already well into September, I haven’t selected the piece to focus on for this month, but I look forward to styling more outfits with things I have and things that I find inspiring. I hope that my future on Polyvore helps me to find things I love and see them in a new way. I also hope it gets me a meet cute with Melissa McCarthy so I can try out her new fashion line, but, baby steps, you know?

IMG_9897Mari Farthing is a freelance writer and editor who blogs at MariFarthing.com when she’s not breaking it down in the kitchen during a dance party with her kids (who, as a tween and young teen, will deny participation in said dance parties).

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  1. Love your outfits. I especially like that you chose a dress to build them around. I wear a lot of dresses and am always trying to change my liok. I’ve also been trying to “shop my closet” too.
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