Fabulous Foodie Friday: Oven Fried Okra from 918 Plate


Hi! I’m Hillary from 918 Plate. I’m here today for Fabulous Friday at OWB! I joined the community a few months ago, and have already had such a great experience interacting with everyone and their blogs! I thought I’d bring you a simplified version of classic Oklahoma dish today.

I actually found an article on Buzzfeed on the same day of cooking this (well, a Facebook friend found it), telling about the state foods of Oklahoma. it was fitting that I was writing this for OWB and I had also picked up some okra that very morning at the farmers’ market. I knew okra was an Oklahoma things, but had no idea it counted as a “state meal”!

Okra Pin

I first oven-friend okra when my husband and I were on the Daniel Fast and slowly losing our minds. That may be a story for another time. We came to the conclusion that this doesn’t count as “FRIED”… It’s baking!! We actually truly took advantage of this dish’s  “state meal” status by eating an entire pan ourselves for dinner. This recipe is a low-mess way to make this Oklahoma specialty. It is even Sliiiightly healthier than the solid deep fry.

Okra Square

TIPS for low/no mess:

Use two slotted spoons, one in the wet and one in the dry. Drain off as much milk as you can before dropping them into the dry ingredients. Use the second spoon like a sifter to sift off excess. I had only one accident today, which is a lot to say for my normal okra habits.

okra close

Over at 918 Plate, I always sign off by encouraging people to enjoy their cooking creations, because cooking really does bring me JOY and I hope others can gain the same experience!

hillary Hillary blogs over at 918 Plate .  During the day she works in the oil industry in Tulsa. When she’s not working she lives with her husband Justin and enjoys cooking using locally-sourced ingredients, whether they’re from the farmers market or my own backyard! The stories and food are always fresh and inviting.

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