Fashion Risks You Regret Link Up

Fashion risks…over the years we all take them and more often than not we regret them. At the time the risk seemed like a good one. Everyone was wearing overalls, or men’s shirts that were three sizes too big…or men’s boxers as shorts with the fly safety pinned shut. However, hind sight is 20/20.

Take this dandy little outfit for example:fashion rise

No, those are not pajamas. They are hand painted holiday themed outfits. The shirt was long enough to cover our bottoms and the pants had the theme painted all the way down one leg. Add a turtle neck and you are ready to hit the streets caroling. Look how happy we are. Clearly we thought these outfits would last the test of time and would bring them out every Christmas. How I wish I had that outfit now so I could wear it to an ugly Christmas sweater party. I would win first prize for sure.

Now it’s your turn. Take a deep breath and bring us your worst fashion risk you can dig out of the deepest recesses of your closet. Link up your fashion post and make sure to go visit the other blogs to see their fashion travesty.

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