February Blogger of the Month: Kelly Roberts

A new year, a new month and a new blogger of the month.

In 2016 we are trying something a little different with our Bloggers of the Month. We will still get to know them, learn what makes them tick and why they blog but we will also get a chance to visit some of their favorite posts from their blog archives.

We’re starting this experiment off with Kelly Roberts. Kelly is a social scientist, therapist and editor of the Red Dirt Chronicles – an Oklahoma culture blog. She is a sixth-generation Okie who lives in Edmond and teaches in Denton, TX. Weekends home with her spouse, occasional handouts with her emerging adult-ages children and Tonks the Malamute are her favorite things.

Kelly Roberts

Let’s get to know Kelly a little more:

  • Born: Grady Memorial Hospital, Chickasha, OK
  • Raised: Tuttle, OK
  • Educated: UCO, OSU & OSU
  • Hubs/significant other: Kyle Mickey Roberts – answers to “Mick”
  • Responsible for: Several research projects with multisyllabic titles and ridiculous acronyms having to do with intimate partner relationships (btw – “Intimate Partner Relationships” has 9 syllables)
  • Day job: Assistant Professor at the University of North Texas
  • Blog(s): The Red Dirt Chronicles http://www.reddirtchronicles.com/
  • Other passions: Big Sky contexts, adventures with close friends, cooking what I grow
  • Favorite author/books: Beware of word vomit ahead – – A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle, The World According to Garp by John Irving, All Our Kin by Carol Stack, Steps to Ecology of Mind by Gregory Bateson, Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville, and currently reading “Red Dirt Roads: Sketches of Western Oklahoma” by the Custer County Truck Stop Poets. Thus far, I highly recommend! Let me quote… “In dawn light the sheen on her black hair is blue. She sits cross-legged in the clearing where once her ancestors camped in teepees covered with buffalo hide. with ceremonious cadence she builds a small fire – double handful of dried sage, pyramid of slender twigs, dead cottonwood gathered at the site…” (so good!)
  • Guilty pleasure: 90 minute massages with real lavender oil and no speaking whatsoever.
  • Favorite blogs: The Smitten Kitchen; The Brookings Institute “FixGov” blog; and of course, the blogs of my Oklahoma friends
  • Dream vacation: Antarctica for at least two weeks, preferably a month
  • On the Twitter: @reddirtkelly @RDChronicles @EveryPointOK
  • Where else to find her: LinkedIn  Red Dirt Chronicles Facebook  Every Point on the Map Facebook

Kelly was asked to share three of her favorite posts from her blog, The Red Dirt Chronicles. All three have one theme in common…the beginning, or conceptualization, of some creative journey. We are starting February off with the story of Max and Barbara.  Max and Barbara Walck were busy planting early tomatoes in their garden when we approached them for a conversation. The last stop on our second “Every Point on the Map” pilot run, we scared the living daylights out of them when they finally turned around, although we had been gently approaching and calling their names to get their attention for about 2 minutes. Once they realized we weren’t there to impart any harm, they asked us into their living room; Barbara talked for an hour while Max sat and listened.  Max was the second discussant in our project (that we know about) who has passed away since we met.  I love this post because we’re finding our way technologically, but Barbara and Max are perfectly comfortable…having found their own way together for well over sixty years. To find the rest of the story, please visit Kelly’s blog:  http://www.reddirtchronicles.com/2014/05/epotm-payne-ok/



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