February–What Say You?

Our theme this month is Using Your Voice to Change The World. I love this theme for many, many reasons. First, in my day job, I say a thousand times that your words are important. I firmly believe that. Words can hurt or heal. They can mend fences and tear down walls. As bloggers, I’d like to think that we all know the power of our words and that we use them wisely. I know as I browse through our registered blogs, I feel good–really, really good–about the words coming out of Oklahoma. We have good words. I hope this is a month for you to reflect on the voice that your words give you.

Speaking of words: Listen To Your Mother is coming to Oklahoma City again this year! It’s not too late to submit a piece for consideration–the deadline for submissions is February 15. You can read all about submission guidelines HERE. I hope OkWB has a great showing and a great representation at Listen To Your Mother-OKC this year!

And speaking of great bloggers, I hope your calendar is marked for our Tulsa Meet up!  March 8 at 1:30, we’re meeting at The Brook on south Peoria. Bring a small, token gift that represents you, your blog or your hometown for a blogger exchange if you’d like. We can’t wait to see your faces and hug your necks!

Finally, I want you to meet Rose, our blogger of the month for February. I met Rose at a media event at See’s Candies in OKC. Rose blogs at OKRoseRock and has such an authentic voice. I love reading her words because I can actually hear her voice telling the story, and I feel like I’m sitting down with a dear friend. I hope you’ll love her words as much as we do.

Happy February, my bloggy sisters! Much love to you and yours!



Heather DavisHeather Davis is a momma and a blogger. She’s an administrator of Oklahoma Women Bloggers. She is the author of the #1 best-selling TMI Mom series. She blogs at Minivan Momma.


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