Finally Fall! 9-23

I love fall! Fall is my favorite.

When I was little, I wrote a poem, an ode to fall.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!
That’s what all the leaves say
When my friends and I
Go out to play.

I think I was in third grade, so cut me some slack, but I was quite proud of this little ditty. I love the cooler temperatures, the early dark, the cozy family dinners we would have at home. The colors of fall are the colors most prevalent in my home–deep sunset orange, bright, zesty yellow, dusky, pale green. Very similar to that 1970s palette of my 1970s childhood home when the colors were called avocado green and harvest gold and the carpets were much, much shaggier.

But I digress! It’s fall 2013 and I’ve been crafty. Last week I made a few fall decorations, including a wreath. This year’s fall theme (beyond the colors) is burlap, so I’ve tried to incorporate it where I can. I was inspired by so many Pinterest projects featuring similar results, but this one is all mine. It’s not perfect, it’s a little frayed around the edges and simple.

IMG_4200That’s what I love most about this wreath, how simple it is. I’m not a frilly kind of girl, and my home reflects that.

What’s even better is that it’s easily changed, because though I did secure the main fabric to the wire frame, the fall ribbon and some extra burlap were tucked in and can be easily swapped out for other seasonally-appropriate decor. Meaning this wreath will easily work for me, year-round. Want to make it work for you?

You will need:

1 wire wreath frame (mine is 18″ only because I couldn’t find the smaller one I wanted more).

About 20 feet of 3-6″ wide base fabric. This can be ribbon or fabric or whatever limits your imagination. I used decorative mesh from the craft store that came in a spool and was too wide, but I cut it in half down the middle. This also made it very economical, as the burlap ribbon that I might have used would have been about $20, but this mesh ribbon was about $4 on sale, and I like the airier finish that it provided. I’m going to refer to this material as mesh in this possibly overly-wordy instructional list.

Pipe cleaners or something equally low-tech that you can use to tie the ribbon to the wreath in parts where you need to secure it. Also, any additional anything that you want to use, such as decorative ribbons (I used 2) or other notions.

At this point I will offer sincere apologies as my pictures did not turn out. I had a heck of a time figuring out the easy way to get this done, but once I did? Wow, easy! Here is what I did:

  1. Take the end of the mesh and make a loop about as long as you want your wreath to stick out. Probably about 6″ or so, but this is up to you and your taste. Poke it through the wire wreath frame and secure it with the pipe cleaner.fall wreath detail
  2. Continue this process–make a loop, poke it through the back of the wire frame, push the loops together to compress the loops a bit. If you need to restart because maybe you cut the mesh off into shorter lengths for whatever reason (I don’t advise you do this. It’s annoying. But it’s not a project deal-breaker), just tie off & restart with a new piece.
  3. When you get to the end, secure the end of the last piece and fluff the loops out. Unless you’ve tied the loops down at various intervals, you should also be able to adjust the loops to your desired length at this point as well.
  4. I filled in my wreath with additional fall-colored wired ribbon, one in a leaf-printed motif and one in a harlequin pattern. I also had some burlap scraps that I cut in lengths and tucked in, just for texture. You can see this a bit more clearly in the close up picture, just above.

The day I made the wreath was warm and sunny and not fall-like at all. But then, we had a dark, chilly day that was deliciously fall-like. I hauled the fall decor boxes out of the garage and pulled out the stuff that’s been packed away since last year and peppered it around the house. When the sun came out, I shut the blinds and turned down the AC a few degrees, pretended it was still overcast and chilly.

I followed the theme of the year and tucked in burlap to the table display, with the dried flowers and on a candle holder that I whipped up from a Mason jar. I love Mason jars even more than burlap.

What does fall look like around your house? Have you been crafting up anything special? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. ShaRhonda says:

    I love burlap! I started last year w my Christmas tree. My plant his year is to get the sewing machine out and make stockings. I love your wreath. Thanks for the tutorial!

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