Blogger of the Month~Finding My Voice: Why I Blog

I first discovered blogging while on a quest to lose weight. About six years ago I joined a weight loss website that offered in its list of tools a personal blog for each participant. I started writing blog posts under a pseudonym and posted about my weight loss journey for about a year. It helped being able to connect with others going through the same struggles. At the same time I started thinking about a long buried dream of becoming a writer that had been pushed by the wayside after college, when marriage, kids, being a military spouse and homeschooling parent demanded all my attention.


Later I expanded to a blog on Blogger. I was intimidated by the sheer possibility of the audience. I wasn’t just spouting to my diet buddies, anyone could read it. I wasn’t ready to talk to the world yet. Afraid of being personal, I ended up with things like. “I went to the grocery store today.” Snore. That blog became mostly a really boring SAFE diary, and when I bored myself to death I knew it was time to let it die.


After that I decided if I intended on being a writer, I was either going to have to crap or get off the pot, as they say. I signed up for a continuing education writing class. It was a memoir short story class, and I really enjoyed it. I took three more classes, and each teacher told me I had the writing chops to succeed, if I worked hard to hone my craft. They also helped me to conquer my fear of judgment, over sharing my writing and my personal stories. It might sometimes be scary or painful, but in the writing lies healing and the possibility of helping others as well.


As I continued to learn and work on my writing, blogging kept floating to the surface as a way to focus my energy and gain discipline. Even though I had blogged before, I was hesitant. It took three months before I committed. I’m a perfectionist so I wanted to learn the technical side of things first, to make sure I could do it. WordPress became my platform of choice after researching the possibilities and I learned all I could before I took the jump. I discovered I enjoyed the technical part of blogging as much as the writing part. It’s a challenge, like doing a puzzle. And there’s always something new to learn. Or drive you crazy, depending on the day.


Since starting my blog kristin nador writes anywhere, I’ve experimented with how often I post, the types of subjects I write about, and all the gadgetry of blogging like widgets and html. Writing, creativity, and expressing both through blogging have been my focus subjects for the most part. I’ve never strayed too far from my vision for blogging: to be transparent and find my voice as a writer and to help others wherever they might be on the journey.


I’ve met many writers online, at writing conferences, and in local writers’ groups who want to start blogging, but fear keeps them from taking the steps. I want to show anyone, whether they want to be a professional writer or enjoy it as a hobby, that discovering your voice and sharing it with the world is an easily attainable goal.


I love blogging. Even after two+ years on my current blog, when I click the publish button, I still get that adrenaline rush/want to throw up feeling.  Blogging is a modern 3-D version of the personal essay, one of my favorite writing forms. You can riff on a thought, and if you choose, expand it visually with photographs, flow with the serendipity of that thought with a vlog, connect the thread of your thought to others expressing similar or opposing views through hyperlinks and allow for discourse with comments.


As an introvert, blogging is not only a writing platform for me, but also a conversation that doesn’t make my hands sweat. I can ‘talk’ to others from around the world who are interested in the same things I am and discover, like C.S. Lewis did, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another ‘What? You, too? I thought that no one but myself…’ “


That’s what I love about Oklahoma Women Bloggers. A community with varied voices that peel back the layers of our lives and say to one another, “Hey, me, too!”

 KristinKristin Nador is our blogger of the month for November. She blogs at kristin nador writes anywhere.

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  1. I so agree with you about the discipline of writing being developed by actually doing it! I’m a bit late to the blogging party, and was unsure as to whether I would have enough content ideas to be long-term. What I have found is that doing it is what creates the content ideas. I’m with you on connecting with this awesome writing community – nice place to land!

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