Fitness Friday: Strolling Into Fitness

Contributed by OKWB Admin, Stephanie Clinton

fitness fridayBeing a new mom forces us to make changes and sacrifices in our lives to accommodate a changing schedule and family. Often fitness and personal wellbeing take a back seat to the demands of caring for little ones. Personally, I found it really hard to get to the gym, even if I knew they had child care. The expense made me feel guilty, the germs in the child care room creeped me out and the simple fact of doing something just for myself felt selfish.

I’ve since come to realize that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your family. It’s really hard to chase after little people all day if you feel like crap all the time. And yet, finding time to work out and figuring out how to keep children occupied and out from under your feet while you work out is a challenge. Not to mention the motivation, or lack thereof, to get going and actually do something.

fitness fridayIn the last year I learned about Baby Boot Camp. This is perfect for moms with kiddos still in strollers since the entire work out is done while pushing your stroller and incorporates babies. It is led by an experienced instructor and is outdoors (which our Blogger of the Month, Mae Kiggens, would love since she is all about getting families to spend more time outside).

fitness fridayMy stroller days are over, but I went by my local Baby Boot Camp group today to see what they were up to. They were having a 5 year anniversary celebration complete with a band for kids, booths and the Chick-fil-a cow. What I really loved about this group is the community and friendships you build as you work out. Going to the gym and working out can be a lonely experience. However, I watched these women interact with each other and could see that they had formed real friendships and so had their kids. Working out doesn’t seem so much like work any more when you have a group of women to cheer you on.

If you have little ones in strollers, find a Baby Boot Camp near you and start strolling your way to fitness.

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