Foodie Friday: Banana Sushi

Like a lot of my Gen X friends from Oklahoma, I grew up on good, southern cooking and fast food. Our parents didn’t worry about polyunsaturated fats and high fructose corn syrup. My parents were too busy forcing me to be the first of ANYONE I knew to wear my SEATBELT to wonder if the meat I consumed was organic or free range.

Times have changed. Now, my kids will be allowed to vote and go to war before they meet the weight requirements for leaving a car seat. We are a cautious, conflicted society.

I fit right in.

I spend a lot of time worrying about food. I worry…

…if my kids’ food contains toxins (probably some, but I won’t know it for twenty years).

…if they’re getting the right combination of fruits and vegetables (probably not, but they’re not going to grow tails).

…if I’m setting a bad example by indulging in baked goods and wine (probably okay since I heard my son explain to someone this weekend that a Capri Sun was not a Reisling).

IMG_0227Since I have these food fears, snack time can turn my stomach into knots. A few months ago I was beating myself up about not being the perfect Pinterest mama with menus and special drawers containing individually wrapped, healthy snacks within reach of little dimpled hands.

I mean, If I were a super mom, wouldn’t I be feeding my kids something healthy—like sushi?

Probably. But that’s not my superpower.

So, I did the next best thing.

I sliced a banana, globbed on some natural peanut butter, and topped each little piece of art with a Goldfish. Then I placed some kiddie chopsticks on the plate.

Voila! Banana sushi.

Who says my kids don’t eat healthy?


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  1. Very humorous and timely! When my daughter was growing up, I didn’t know how to cook and didn’t care to learn – she learned for survival’s sake I guess. But, she turned out great and now she’s some kind of hover craft obsessing over every little thing her son does or doesn’t do according to some list, statistic, or segment on the “news”. I think it’s funny that our grandest son’s first real food was his PaPa’s goulash – which he now begs for. I think his mom and dad were secretly horrified! In America, we use “living forever”as a stick to beat everyone into submission – meh, who wants to live forever anyway? Great post!

    • Thanks! Each generation has its hangups. I am just now on the third episode of Mad Men (yes, I realize I’m behind the rest of the world). During the first episode, the ad execs are in a tizzy because they can’t say one cigarette is healthier than another because research proves they’re all deadly. Who knows what the first graders of today will deal with when they have babies of their own?

  2. That’s awesome, I bet baby girl would like that. I never know what to give her for a snack, we eat a lot of goldfish products in this house, which probably contain toxins. But she got a good check-up today and is under the average weight for a 2 year old (which my doc says is good) so I guess we’ll keep doing what we’re doing, but we’ll add some banana sushi to the menu. :o)

  3. A positive checkup always makes a mom feel good, doesn’t it? I started making mine with Annie’s bunnies. They seem to have healthier ingredients than Goldfish, but something just seems wrong about showing pictures of Bunny Sushi.

  4. lisa says:

    LOVE this post-The Marotta girls all enjoy sushi and chopsticks. I think introducing “weird” food early is key. There are a zillion picky eaters in the universe but who could say no to goldfish or bunny sushi?!

  5. Great post! I will be making a batch of these for my little ones too! I love that it includes the 3 ingredients I always have on hand but never combined! Thank you for your honesty & for the clever snack tip!

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