Foodie Friday: Behind the See’s

Do you remember that episode of I Love Lucy, the one where she’s working in the candy store and the conveyer belt is going faster than she can handle, so she’s overwhelmed by candy?

We know how she feels.


Heather and Mari, OWB Admin ladies and candy aficionados.
We were invited to learn more about the store but no post was promised.
All opinions within are personal and we will never sell them.

A group of bloggers (including a few from OWB) were treated to a preview of the new See’s Candies shop opening at Penn Square Mall last night, where along with enjoying free samples, we heard a bit about the history of the iconic American brand, talked with brand representatives who exhibited an incredible passion for their product, enjoyed a little friendly competition and enjoyed free samples.

Oh, I’m sorry; did I mention the samples already? Well, they deserve another mention. What I learned about See’s Candies last night is that they are (and always have been) preservative-free, gluten-free and HFCS-free. Seriously, if you are going to cheat on your diet and invest in some sweets? These are the sweets to be snacking on, with over 100 varieites of dark, milk and white chocolate treats (plus special seasonal items), house-made marshmallow (from organic honey; they are swoon-inducing) and hand-dipped bon-bons.

Curious about the sugar-free options, I tried the sugar-free peanut brittle, which is low carb at about 20g carbs per serving, and I would challenge anyone to tell the difference between the sugar-free and regular varieties. Sugar-free dark and milk chocolate items are also available.

The company started in 1921 and many of the original recipes used by Mary See are still used to produce the candy today. One of the most popular is the Scotch Kiss: an organic honey marshmallow hand-dipped in caramel. See’s also employs a candy scientist to come up with new flavors. Yes, that is an actual job. Use that to encourage your kids next time they push back on finishing their math and science homework!


Heather went all “I Love Lucy” packing her chocolate box;
See’s swag bag; Getting educated on the finer points of
fine candy by the great people of See’s Candies.

mari at seesI, too, had a Lucy moment! Thanks to Janet for sharing this image
and I know Heather is happy not to be the only hairnetted
face featured on this post.

You may be familiar with the Penn Square Mall kiosk store that pops up each Christmas season, but this new permanent store is sure to quickly become a favorite for a candy lovers of all ages. And I mentioned samples, didn’t I? Because of course you get to try out a sample when you visit the store. And today is the grand opening of the location, featuring more giveaways.

So what are you waiting for? Head over and try out a free sample for yourself! But be warned; you may be ruined for any other candy in the future. Good thing that store is open year-round.

Find See’s Candies online at their website or Facebook.

Disclosure: We were invited to attend this behind the scenes event and provided samples by the company. All opinions and information provided in this post were inspired by the visit but not promised in exchange for goods or services. We will never sell our opinions.

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  1. Great Job Mari! Had a great time and love the candy – as my husband, Mr. Picky Eater, said: “Wow – that’s a lot more than I was expecting” – me too!

  2. Rose Marie B says:

    Great post! Anya and I really enjoyed ourselves last night . Watching you all packing your chocolate boxes was so fun and I’m excited to be a part of such a great group of bloggers. Thanks again for the invitation and special thanks to our hosts…what an awesome bunch of See’s Ambassadors they were.

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