Foodie Friday: By the Book

I’m an avid collector of cookbooks. I love to cook, learning to love to bake and have shelves of cookbooks in my kitchen to refer to when I need inspiration.

LostArtofRealCooking_final coverFor a book exchange this year, I gifted a friend with The Lost Art of Real Cooking, which I gifted myself with earlier this year. I spent much of 2013 going through a simplification process, paring down and excising things that don’t make my life better. I should note here that this simplification process did not affect my book collection. It seems that simplifying has amplified the number of books I own.

I’m not complaining.

This book goes back to the days before there were recipes as we know them now–lists of ingredients preceding instructions. I kind of like this idea that I don’t need a kitchen filled with gourmet equipment to make some real, good food.


Test kitchenI was also the recipient of a great cookbook as a Christmas gift this year, from my best friend. The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook is an abundant resource stuffed full of tried and tested recipes.

I recently made the giant, chewy chocolate chip cookies featured in the “Cookies” section and my family made me sign a blood oath to make these cookies every week.

Well, not really. But just about. Because the cookies were that good.

So, those are my favorite cookbooks–and I haven’t even scratched the surface of my kitchen bookshelf. What about you? Where do your favorite recipes come from? Comment here with the cookbooks that you simply cannot live without–or the magazines or the websites or whatever it is that feeds your need.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Oh gosh Mari.. This is sooooo me! I won’t even count all of my cookbooks just because it would probably astonish even me:) I actually made myself give away a big bunch a couple of years ago, and I donated others to our library — Hubby had started asking if we needed to add on a room for my cookbooks! Actually, I rather likes that idea. Thanks for sharing.

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