Foodie Friday: Chicken Salad (and a fitness resolution)

I didn’t make ANY New Year’s Resolutions. Instead I chose a word, my word this year is Restore. One of the things I would like to restore is my body. Okay, yes I realize I will be the BIG 40 this year and I will never be able to restore is the body I had at 21, the body that was a 131lbs. Oh to be able to live on Dr. Pepper and Snickers Bars again…

As I write this, it is one week away from March 1st and Spring is in the Oklahoma air, so I just found myself going into my iCloud and pulling down my favorite app- My Fitness Pal. Anyone else use this program/app? I could use some encouragement and a big kick in the WHOA everytime I put one of those little Thin Mints in my mouth, or don’t track the Samoa. Look me up, CrowMoma2.

The one thing I love about this app is that I can put my favorite recipes in. If you know me, and have followed me much, you know my favorite recipes are NOT usually diet friendly. First and foremost, I am not going to starve myself. I have to eat. I have to eat what I make for my family. Dieting for me is portion control. Cutting back, tracking and moving.

I am a work at home mother. Lunch for me is my special time. I get to eat and fix my favorites. Things that the family will not eat. One of my favorites is my Chicken Salad. I input the recipe and it calculates the total calories, carbs, fat, protein, sodium and sugar by recipe and by serving.

Guess what I’m eating for lunch?


Wish me luck on restoring and tracking. Hope to see you around. Enjoy my chicken salad!


P.S. I was not paid by MFP to write this post, but imagine the possibilities if they did want to put me on their payroll!

ShaRhondaProfile2014ShaRhonda Crow is a small town southern Okie girl, still trying to find her way into the “BIG” city life! Wife, mom, volunteer, WAHM. Writes about living, laughing, learning and loving at

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  1. MEL says:

    That’s an app we may have to take a look at – thanks for the info ShaRhonda. And best wishes for the restoration!

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