Foodie Friday: Easy Beansy Bean Dip

Warning, this bean dip is so easy you may be tempted to make it all the time. Please use beans cautiously, after all they all the “musical fruit.”

This recipe is perfect for potlucks and BBQs. Super easy for the super busy dude or dudette on the go. And if you make too much, as I did for a recent 4th of July pool party, you can freeze it in small batches. Defrost in fridge, stir then serve.
Bean dip

Bean Dip:
1 – 12 oz can refried beans
1/2 cup salsa
garlic powder, garlic salt, cayenne, onion salt, onion powder (to taste).

1. Empty can of refried beans into bowl.
2. Pour 1/2 cup of salsa over refried beans. Stir.
3. Add garlic powder, garlic salt, cayenne, onion salt and onion powder a little at a time (tasting often) till get the desired “heat” and salt factor.
4. Serve with Fritos!! Can also be chilled
Done, as I said, Easy Beansy.

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