Foodie Friday: Family Tradition

This past Christmas, one of my sisters took a collection of recipes from my Grandmother. She had been given a notebook–just a regular, plain old spiral-bound notebook–stuffed to the gills with recipes and notes. My grandmother had compiled these recipes over the years, family favorites for most of us. These recipes evoked warm memories and watering tastebuds for me.


Grandma and Grandpa would always visit with their motorhome stuffed with food. Casseroles and cold salads, cookies and sweet breads, we could always count on Grandma for good food. I always looked forward to Grandma’s cranberry bread (which I’ve waxed poetic about before) and glorified rice (a sweet rice pudding studded with pineapple and maraschino cherries). Grandma also had recipes for Norwegian favorites like lefsa and fattingmand cookies, deep-fried strips of dough covered in powdered sugar.


Grandma also had a few unexpected recipes–like Brandy Slush. This is a great punch for grown-ups that I recall from a few family holidays. It’s tasty and festive, might work for a football party as well as it does for a holiday gathering.

Grandma’s Brandy Slush

Simple syrup (7 cups water + 2 cups sugar; bring to a boil and cool)
Tea (2 cups boiling water + 4 tea bags; steep and cool)
1 12 ounce can frozen orange juice
1 12 ounce can frozen lemonade
2 cups brandy (or vodka… or pick your poison)

Mix all ingredients together and place in freezer. Grandma used one of those plastic ice cream pails because she was resourceful like that. “Stir it once in a while (when you think of it)” says Grandma.

To serve: scoop into a glass and pour 7up, sprite or Fresca over it and enjoy responsibly!

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Mari Farthing is one of the editors of Oklahoma Women Bloggers and loves sharing happy food-related memories. Mari blogs about lots of random things, like music, family and her escapades as a writer and editor at Mari’s Virtual Notebook and Mari Edits.
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  1. I love this recipe! I wish you had made it and taken a picture so I could pin! I think I will make it and take a picture to pin! When my daughter was 13, she spent the summer with my grandmother and together they wrote down all the recipes that my nana made and then she made copies, putting them together with brads (yep, do you remember brads?) and we all still use those recipe books today!

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