Foodie Friday: Holiday Favorites

No matter what you celebrate, there’s a good chance that food is involved. Okay, fine, that might be just me. But I’m going to bet it’s not, because what makes a celebration more fun is food. Especially when it’s food that has a long and storied history.

IMG_4719How else can one explain why Norwegians eat pickled herring (always a must for my dad at Christmas and New Years)? I always steered clear of that end of the buffet, preferring instead to enjoy the baked goods, including Grandma’s cranberry bread. One year when I asked her for the recipe, she gave me a strange look and said “for Pete’s sake Mari, it’s on the back of the bag!” but still, unless I use the recipe found on the card that Grandma wrote out all those many years ago, it never tastes the same.

Here are some of the other holiday favorite recipes our Oklahoma Women bloggers shared with us:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlogger Kelli Davidson always makes Nana’s Sugar Cookies, and who can blame her when they look this good? Click the link to visit Kelli’s blog (Kelli’s Kitchen), find the recipe, and warm your heart with stories of Kelli’s Nana teaching her to make these cookies.

What a wonderful story to warm up the corners of a cold day!

Blogger Holli Hagan-Rice is also a fan of cookies, and this shortbread cookie recipe is her favorite. She used it with pressed cookie cutters to make awesome Star Wars-themed cookies that you have to see to believe. Completely awesome, no matter the season! I can’t show this post to my son or he will totally geek out and send me on a quest to find them so he can have Star Wars-themed cookies of his very own! I prefer to admire them from here. 🙂

IMG_00383-600x400Katie Johnstonbaugh prefers her cookies with a bit of peppermint–perfect for the holidays. Personally, I prefer peppermint to pumpkin spice, so I’m always happy when we all get over the pumpkin spice wave and I can get my peppermint mocha! Frosted sugar cookies in a beautiful little paper cup, topped with crunchy peppermint? Totally worth the splurge. Check out the recipe for Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bites.

cookies-300x225Lisa Sharp also has a love for sugar cookies, and shares her recipe for soft sugar cookies with peppermint icing. She likes sugar cookies (with or without that minty addition) because they’re fun and easy to get creative with. “I have taken these cookies to several events and meetings around the holidays and everyone always loves them. These sugar cookies are very soft and have a lot more flavor, even without the peppermint icing, than most sugar cookies. Even the non-sugar cookie fan is sure to like these.” So, Lisa has thrown down the gauntlet if you don’t think you like sugar cookies! I’ll take that challenge. Purely for research purposes, of course (lol).

Thanks to all of our bloggers for sharing their holiday favorites! Now get baking and have a delicious holiday!

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Mari Farthing is one of the editors of Oklahoma Women Bloggers and would love to feature your holiday favorite recipes, or any of your foodie favorites! 

Mari blogs about lots of random things, like music, family and her escapades as a writer and editor at Mari’s Virtual Notebook and Mari Edits.

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