For the love of Friends

Where in the world would we be without our friends? Do you have the best girlfriends in the world? Are your couple friends the Fever to your Saturday Night? Have you been besties with the little girl who took your hand and let you to circle on the first day of Kindergarten since that fateful day?  Tell us all about your friend … or your friends … or your best blogging friend … or a random friend that you want to share. Let us revel in friendships today.

Remember to link your blog post with Mr. Linky–who will be our best friend by the end of the week. Visit the blogs directly before and after your link. And, grab our friendly button for your blog!


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  1. Sabine says:

    Funny how blogging and things like this group make you feel like you really know people you’ve never met. Kinda stalker-ish if you think about it but it’s pretty cool really. Love reading everyone’s post this week!

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