For the love of Knicknacks

You remember being a little girl and going to your grandma’s house, or maybe crazy Aunt Lola’s duplex, and she had a curio full of things you couldn’t touch. You were fascinated, right? Then, as a teenager, those same collections made you roll your eyes and snort a pledge to never have any such collection of knicknacks no matter who gave them to you or why you collected them. And now as a grown woman, you look around your own casa and discover that you do, indeed, have a collection–a plethora of nic nacs– and you think they’re the coolest things ever.

Today we want you to share with us your collections. Do you have a collection of chickens? (Mari once told me she had chickens. I asked for eggs, she told me she didn’t collect eggs.) Do you have a wall full of state plates you’ve been too? Are teddy bears your thing? Tell us about your nic nacs.

Remember to link your post with Mr. Linky and visit those posts directly before and after your own. Don’t forget to snag your button for your blog–by the end of the week, you should have a collection of these beauties. Hey! You could blog about that!


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