Four Pleasures of Country Living You Can Enjoy them Regardless of Where You Live

Submitted by Blogger of the Month Jennifer Cazzola

I did not start out as a country girl. I was born and raised in the city with no intention or real desire to ever live elsewhere. It was not until our beloved vintage downtown neighborhood sadly took a downward turn that my husband and I began to think about the quiet solitude of rural living.

Two years ago (this month in fact!) we sold our city home and built a very small, very simple homestead on an acreage in rural Northeastern Oklahoma. We enjoy our large garden, eggs from our twenty-four chickens, and the beautiful sunsets in the evening.

Birds and Wellies

Following are some simple country style pleasures we’ve come to enjoy but they need not be limited to life in the country. Whether you live on one hundred acres, or in a small studio apartment downtown here are a few little things you should plan to make time for this fall:

1. Long walks

My favorite time of day is my morning walk. I like to take it early in the morning while the dew is still heavy and the mist is rising off the pond. Sometimes I just like to listen to the quiet, sometimes I take along some music. If you are not in a place where quiet is an option (I’ve lived in the downtown, I know walks can be anything but quiet) consider putting together a special autumn music mix that will at least evoke a sense of quiet.

2. Create Quiet Afternoons

Living a “simple” life can be deceptive. Many of the things we do for the sake of simplicity (such as gardening and keeping chickens) can, in themselves, create a significant amount of stress. Nothing like spending days on end harvesting and canning tomatoes, not to mention the clean up afterwards. Set aside an afternoon where you can unclutter your schedule and take some time to enjoy something relaxing: a book, a cup of tea, a Jane Austen flick, whatever it is that helps you unwind and de-stress.

3. Dine Outside

Intense Oklahoma summers and outdoor dining rarely mix. Fall is a great time to enjoy the cooler weather over dinner. Your outdoor picnic can be as elaborate as setting a table complete with flowers and candles, or as simple as just taking your plate outside to the back porch. Whatever you do, be sure to leave your phone inside so you can better connect with your loved ones and the outdoors.

4. Watch the sun set

I used to think that sunsets were overrated. Then we moved to the country and the pace of our life slowed down to the point that I actually began to notice them. There is nothing more beautiful than a painted sky at the end of the day, and each sunset is unique and different. Make some time at the end of each evening to stop and enjoy them often.

What are some simple pleasures that you enjoy?


Blogger of the Month Jennifer Cazzola writes about her transition from city to country life, offers tips on natural gardening, chickens, recipes from her kitchen and ideas for frugal, simple living on her blog,  Black Fox Homestead.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this was intoxicating! Thank you for sharing,. We live in the country too and enjoy all of these pleasures, but I totally agree… Anyone can adapt them to any living space. Great article, thanks Jennifer!

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