Friday Foodie: Flashback

When I was a kid back in the avocado green, harvest gold and pumpkin orange-colored 70s, my mom, like most moms on the block, had a green Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library box on the shelf. I used to love perusing the contents of that box, dreaming about the delicious foods pictured on the handy cards.

IMG_5344Who knew a simple box of avocado green could contain such awesome?

I honest don’t remember my mom actually making any of the recipes on the cards, but the box was a ubiquitous part of my childhood–along with the oversized spoon and fork on the wall and the dishwasher on wheels, it was a part of my childhood culinary experiences.

Recently, I came across a box at the local Salvation Army and I had to buy it. I brought it home and it lived on the shelf with my cookbooks for a while before it was relegated to the closet during a redecorating phase. I came across the box last night and wanted to share a few highlights.

IMG_5347Because of course, it’s not a holiday until you break out the jellied loaf of meat.
I mean salad. Jellied meat salad.

IMG_5352The titles of these are worth a second glance. Tres chic, indeed.

IMG_5362“Ways with —-” is a common theme among the cards. It was clearly the
culinary buzzword
of 1971.

IMG_5360This was a card I remember from my youth. I desperately wanted a party with one of these treats, especially that ladybug cake. I believe the overachieving birthday parties of today can be traced directly back to this recipe card.

IMG_5357There’s a whole section devoted to fondue.
Fondue Party USA? It must be a suburb of Surf City.

IMG_5356Ham snacks! Featuring the Ham Twinkie.

IMG_5350Saved the best for last. All kidding aside, my grandmother made these cookies every year for Christmas and I thought the recipe was lost. These deep-fried treats were one of the best parts of my childhood, and I’m thrilled to have found a diamond in this collection.

B+W head shot

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  1. Marisa Mohi says:

    This is pure gold. My granny had these recipes, and I think my mom still has them somewhere. She probably locked them away lest the jellied meat salad be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

  2. That’s too funny, Mari! I must be very old – I’m right up there with your mom and Marisa’s ‘granny’! I was given one (the deluxe version – clear lid, double the cards, and blank cards to add to it) for a wedding gift (by a cook) in 1977. It has moved with me across the country and from home to home since. While I probably only used about 6 of the recipes, it is still our go-to for beef stroganoff (oh-so-70s), chicken kiev (what you’ll get for dinner at our house on a first visit) and Dutch apple pie (the recipe that made me realize I actually DID like apple pie).

  3. Lucie says:

    I had it too! My faves were Bonnie Butter Cake and some sort of peanutbutter soup from Africa. Thanks Mari, cool memories.

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