Heather Davis: Why I Blog

Submitted by OWB Blogger of the Month, Heather Davis

Why do I blog? It started with poop.

When my younger daughter was about two years old, two things happened.

First, I got an email from my cousin saying she had started a blog. We are about the same age, so I couldn’t let her outdo me in this area. She got to see Lionel Ritchie in concert before I did in 1987; she graduated from high school before I did (sure she was two years older); I would not let her conquer the blogging world before me!

Second, my younger daughter pooped her diaper one night, took it off and smeared it all over her bedroom wall. I took pictures of it and scrapbooked, in case you were wondering.

The poop-event made me feel like a complete and utter failure as a momma. Why? Because none of my friends were talking about what their kid had smeared on their walls. Instead, they were talking about how many languages their eighteen month old had conquered. (My eighteen month old cussed. Usually like a sailor.) They also bragged about how they grew organic food and only fed steamed veggies for lunch. I hoped that the piece of hot dog my kid found under the table after lunch was not too rancid.unnamed

I started posting and sharing (oversharing, some might say) my antics as a mom, hoping that just one other person (aside from my mom) would read my blog, nod her head in solidarity and mutter quietly, “Power to the slacker moms!”

It turns out that my mom wasn’t the only person who read my blog. I was asked to write columns for websites and eventually the newspaper and sure, enough, my long-time goal of being a published author came true. (Really, check out the TMI Mom books if you don’t believe me—I wrote them! [Note: it’s true! This is Mari and I edited them. Find all of them available for purchase at Amazon.com!])

Eventually, my blogging evolved as a chronicle for my kids. Not only to show their therapist during some future sessions, but to let them have a written record as to why their momma had prematurely grey hair. And, ironically, it became therapy for me. When a day was particularly trying, it was easy enough for my brain to spin the humor from it and my fingers to capture it all on the world-wide-web.

Plus, my cousin doesn’t blog anymore, so basically, I win the blogging award, right?


10708675_10204374847624605_1087156169693591547_oHeather Davis is a momma, a writer and the ham in her generational sandwich. She & her husband have two daughters and a seventy-six year old momma, all living under the same roof. She is the award-winning author of the TMI Mom book series and blogs at www.Minivan-Momma.com.

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  1. lisa ariano says:

    Hey Heather,
    There’s a NY news anchor, iIbelieve her name is Pat Battle, that is looking for ovarian cancer stories. Want to send Teal Toes & mi familia to her? Also since you’ve been on DR. Oz maybe we should send a copy to his group.?I’d like to make a few minor additions, Elena was a student at Villanova and Carol Giglio & Mom would like to add “priests” to the witnesses of her death. Jonathan is heavily involved inthe Philly area Ovariano cancer awareness group, & they might like use this story on their website. I’ll double check your story again to see if there any other little changes to make.
    What di you think, shall we pass this story on?
    Love to your Mom & the rest of the family,

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