Helping Hand

A few weeks ago I finally broke down & went to the eye doctor … and witnessed the MOST amazing thing.

After picking out my glasses, yes that is plural because I am getting old and have to get prescription regular glasses and sunglasses, I was sitting there waiting for someone to tell my how much $$ I am going to have to drop. There was an older gentleman sitting next to me and I watched how he kept looking at the younger gentleman sitting next to him. After a few minutes, the younger gentleman gets up & walks away on his phone. I then hear the older man tell the employee helping the younger guy that he would like to pay for the younger gentleman’s glasses.


My mouth dropped when I heard this. I watched the older gentleman go up to the counter and pay for everything, then leave the store. The younger guy was sitting and waiting on the employee to return. She handed him his glasses and a receipt that had a $0 balance. This time the mouth dropping was the younger guy.

He asked the employee, “How did you do this?”

She simply stated, “The man sitting next to you wanted to help you out, so he took care of it for you.”

The younger guy teared up, as did I, and said, “I can’t believe this; that is a lot of money, almost $400. I need to thank him.”

The employee said, “He knows you are thankful.”


Isn’t that AMAZING? Kinda makes you tear up too, doesn’t it?? I am so happy to witness God doing wonderful things because you never really get to see those things take place in this world as often as one would like.


FourMisti Davis is a full time wife, mom, bonus mom, TMOMs Board Treasurer & apartment property manager! She’s married to a wonderful, patient man, Joe. They are blessed with beautiful twin identical girls, Mika Marie & Jada Lynn. She has four teenage step kids, Deonna and Jay, who live in Illinois and Lanise and Denzel, who live with with her and her husband. So between toddlers and teenagers, their house is never a dull moment. Rachel blogs at

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  1. BoniLady says:

    I love this story! Random acts of kindness not only bless the person GETTING the blessing, but also the person DOING the blessing… AND everyone else around! So fun to hear the goodness still in the world!

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