Hobnobbing … Sort Of

By Blogger of the Month Rachel Hough 

A few years ago our wonderful town of Bartlesville was the site of a Terrence Malick film, “To The Wonder” starring Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams and a bunch of other of the A list.  Last year the highly anticipated movie, “August Osage County” was filmed partially in Bartlesville and the rest in nearby Pawhuska. One of the hobbies of many of our residents was “star stalking” in which you drive around the rumored sets and try to see whichever celebrities are there at the time.

That was not my style. I’m not one of those people. I’m not all that awe of celebrities because they are just like us, they put their pants on one leg at a time just like we do (although their pants are probably more expensive than mine). I prefer a much more subtle way of hanging out with the Hollywood crowd. Here are just a few of the actual examples from the past few years.

·       I was on my way to pick up the girls at soccer practice when driving by a rumored filming location. I was gawking to see what was up, quickly put my eyes back on the road and slammed on my brakes, missing Rachel McAdams, and Ben Affleck crowing the road in front of me. I waved and smiled casually, they glared. It was magical.

·       One evening I was in a rush to get home to fix dinner, but the dogs were out of dog food. I went to the local Atwoods store to get a 50 pound bag of on sale dog food. I stopped in the aisle where the canning supplies were kept to get some extra quart jars when I saw this man that seemed really confused. I asked him if I could help him, he said, “No, I just have never seen such things,” in a really thick foreign accent. I looked him up and down, and although he was wearing boots, they weren’t the kind you wear in Atwoods. I looked at him warily and then went home. Yeah, apparently it was Javier Bardem.  I think he needs a canning lesson. I’m willing to teach.

·       Last year for Em’s 13th birthday I ran to Hobby Lobby to get the invites. In the party aisle was a woman in a housedress and sunglasses and a man who was losing his patience with her. I said, “Excuse me” as I stepped in front of her and grabbed my invites and dashed for the line, only realizing as I was checking out that it was Meryl Streep. I went back to check to see if I was right and there were people taking pictures with her. It’s ok Meryl, I’m just keeping it reals!

There have been a few other instances.  I almost ran over Juliette Lewis with my shopping cart in the health food section of our local Food Pyramid.  I’m pretty sure that I might have door dinged George Clooney’s rental at Frank and Lola’s. No wonder I never saw the one person I wanted to see, Julia Roberts. But I’m sure she probably already heard about me. It’s how I roll!

blogprofileRachel Hough is our Blogger of the Month. She blogs at The Domestic Artiste.

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  1. I didn’t “star stalk” either. I agree, they put their (expensive) pants on one leg at a time. And as much as I love movies, I think they get paid an obscene amount of money to act. But that didn’t stop me from daydreaming that one of them would pick up my book and decide it HAD to be made into a movie. ;o)

  2. Jayme Kinsey says:

    Haha! That was fun to read. I can’t imagine what type of insurance you would need if you ran over Ben Affleck. 😀

    I lived in two towns in Arkansas that were hometowns to two VERY big name celebs. Up close and personal, they look just like everyone else too. You get so used to seeing them you can’t figure out why everyone else is causing such a fuss. My policy is to leave them alone too. Especially when they are home for holidays. Even celebs deserve a family vacation!

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