How Does Your Garden Grow?

B+W head shotContributed by Mari Farthing, OWB administrator.

How does your garden grow, friends? This is a refrain I heard frequently as a child, something that those of you with a name heard in a nursery rhyme will understand. But this month, it’s our theme at Oklahoma Women Bloggers, Grow Your Garden. What does that mean to you?

Taken literally, it could refer to that which you grow in the dirt. We’ve got lots of gardeners and green thumbs in our group! Sadly, I am not one of them, so the theme takes a different meaning for me. Forget those old nursery rhymes, my garden is my life. Consider that your garden could also be your family, your friends, the people and things you surround yourself with to give you sustenance. While I’m no gardener, I do rock a few house plants–a wandering ivy that tells me it needs attention by drooping, a few spider plants that have resisted my attempts to kill them and a new addition to the fold, a succulent jade plant which my son finds “creepy.”

My mom had a shelving structure in our house built specifically to hold her plants when I was a kid. Our formal dining room had a large picture window with a southern exposure (it also had a regulation size slate pool table instead of a dining table, but that’s a tale for another day), and it was the perfect place for plants. I’m sure I’ve killed almost as many plants as my mother grew.

The garden of your life should nourish your soul. Is that too much of an Oprah moment there? It’s true–it’s so important to surround ourselves with things that bring us joy–friends, good food, great wine, beautiful shoes–what you choose is up to you.

So this month, whether your garden be a cultivated patch of red dirt or a cultivated collection of people that make you happy, we’d like you to share it with us!

Our blogger of the month is Lindsay Renuard, and I think LindseyRenuardyou will love getting to know her. She’s a single mother of two, highly connected on the social media and someone who clearly gets that your best life requires a bit of cultivation.


P.S.: Are you planning to attend the OWFI conference this weekend? There will be many of our Oklahoma Women Bloggers in attendance at the conference, it’s a great way to connect with others and maybe learn a few things, too. Visit the OWFI website for information, and be sure to look for me if you do go!

P.P.S: There are many Oklahoma Women Bloggers also participating in Listen To Your Mother this Sunday at the Will Rogers Theatre in Oklahoma City! It’s a great show, it benefits a great cause (ReMerge) and will change your life. Here’s a little video about what LTYM is and how it’s grown:


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