I’m Okay and That’s Okay

LindseyRenuardFrom Oklahoma Women Bloggers Blogger of the Month, Lindsey Renuard. Find her at Dishwater Dreams.

I’m not sure if I’ve forgotten who I am or just forgotten who I am supposed to be. Can something be broken for the simple fact that it isn’t broken? I feel normal. Perfectly normal. Is that supposed to happen?

I’m happy. I have a great job. I have great kids. I have a great family and great friends.

About the only thing I lack in life is enough money and enough time. But who doesn’t lack those things. The are finite resources. I have all of the things that are infinite.

I’m never bored. I am passionate about several things like writing, reading, art, makeup.

So what’s missing?


Absolutely nothing.

So I have to stop and ask myself from time to time if maybe I’m just faking it. Maybe it’s all just a dream. Maybe I’m overlooking something. Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough and have become complacent.

But that’s not it.

I am actually, truly happy. Content.

And that’s not a bad thing.

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  1. Kristen says:

    very well written post. honestly, for the longest time, i was always unhappy about something, and in the last couple of years, i felt like something was missing or the other shoe was about to drop because surely i couldnt be this happy. but i am. im not a millionaire, i dont have it all figured out, but gosh darn it-im happy.
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