The Imaginary Family Project

Contributed by February Blogger of the Month,  Kelly Roberts

We are continuing our discovery of Blogger of the Month, Kelly Roberts. She loves Oklahoma history and story telling. Hop on over to her blog to see how she inspired writers to create an entire story just from looking at an old photo.

“The Imaginary Family Project” began after my brother found a box of “lost” photos in an online auction.  He sifted through the images for a few weeks before calling me with an idea: “What if we get 52 authors to commit to one story each. I send them a few photos from which to choose their subject, and then they create a life for the person(s) within that photo?”  I loved the idea. I loved the stories. And, I loved my brother so much I put a book together after the project and missed many hours of sleep to get him a proofing draft before Christmas. Here’s the first post: 

Kelly RobertsKelly Roberts is a social scientist, therapist, and editor of the Red Dirt Chronicles – an Oklahoma culture blog. She is a sixth-generation Okie who lives in Edmond and teaches in Denton, TX. Weekends home with her spouse, occasional hangouts with her emerging adult-aged children, and Tonks the Malamute are her favorite things.
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  1. I want to thank Oklahoma Women Bloggers for setting up features such as “Blogger of the Month.” It’s been good getting to know a few of the group via your Facebook pages, and to begin to get to know their areas of expertise. All the best to you during your conference and throughout 2016 and beyond. ~ Kelly, aka “Red Dirt Kelly”

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