Is March Your Lucky Month?

Contributed by BOM Peggy Chambers

March is a lucky month. I know this because this week alone we had a full moon on the 5th followed by the beginning of Daylight Savings time on the 8th. How much luckier can your get after a long cold winter than more light, whether from the moon or the sun?

Research has been done on the effects of light on humans. Since life evolved from sunlight we as humans are drawn to the light. Plants are always reaching up toward the sunlight that gives them photosynthesis. We aren’t much different than the plants.

March 9 pixCrocus in Spring (photo property of Peggy Chambers, obtained from Free Stock photos RGPStock)

March is the month that is the beginning of spring and the end of winter. I don’t know about you but I hate winter. The plants may need a rest before beginning their cycle all over again, but I just hunker down and wait for it to be over. The best thing about winter is probably the fireplace and hot chocolate – oh wait, there is also Christmas. But other than that, give me warmth and the great outdoors.

The Irish have always considered themselves lucky. The luck of the Irish is not only a saying but believed true if you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There are no snakes in Ireland – other than that one BIG ONE – and that’s lucky. This month we also celebrate St Patrick’s Day (he got rid of the snakes in Ireland) and the beginning of spring. We also celebrate Palm Sunday at the end of the month which is the holiest of weeks in the Christian religion.

So all in all, what’s not lucky about March? I was lucky enough to marry a man who has a birthday this month too. We’ll investigate these points each week this month.

What do you find lucky about March?

Peggy good onePeggy Chambers is an award winning, twice-published author, always working on another. She attended PU, UCO and is a graduate of OU. She is a member of the Enid Writers’ Club, OWFI, Oklahoma Women Bloggers and OWL. There’s always another story weaving around in her brain trying to come out.

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  1. Marsha Kay says:

    I love March! It is usually lucky for me because my and my husband’s birthdays are this month! I love crocus too, their arrival is always a happy sign.

  2. Martha Draper says:

    My part Irish ancentry and keeping a step ahead of allergies! Signs of spring are here and so welcome!

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