Kristal Strong: Why I Blog

me giveaway picMany thanks to our July blogger of the month, Kristal Strong! Be sure to keep up with her as she continues to blog at The Strong Family.

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I want to thank the lovely Mari & Stephanie for highlighting my blog this month! You ladies are wonderful & have been so patient with me this month. Thank you!

This has been a busy summer, as I’m sure it has been for you, too. I’ve coined this the “Summer to Savor”, as my oldest will be starting kindergarten in the fall and I know that will bring lots of changes to our family.

In an effort to spend more intentional time with my family & friends, especially this month, blogging has taken a backseat. It’s been very quiet around The Strong Family  this summer. That will be changing, though, so I hope you’ll follow along as I pick back up, blogging about a variety of things.

why i blog

There are a few things I love about blogging & they are the reasons I keep coming back.

Voice: I love staying home with my kiddos everyday, but I also love sharing my voice, life, with others.. Blogging provides me a space to share what’s happening in our life, in my heart, in the kitchen or a myriad of other things I might want to share.

Community: I love the community I found within the blogging world. I’ve become connected with women all over the world whom I never would have met were it not for blogging.

Challenge: Blogging challenges me in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. I’m challenged to be creative with the content I write, challenged with my time management, challenged by other bloggers I come in contact with, etc.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but rather the top three things I love about blogging.

What about you? Why do you blog?

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  1. Stephanie Clinton says:

    I love your reasons for blogging. Especially community. When I started I had no idea the amazing people I would meet, the connections I would make or where it would take me. Thanks for being the Blogger of the Month!

  2. Lucie says:

    I find hat if I write about what I’m doing regularly, it gives a hreater INTENTION to my everyday life. That’s something I see absent in so much of the world but something I want to share with my kids.
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  3. I can relate, Kristal – I’ve met so many interesting bloggers since I have started my own a little over a year and a half ago. One “blogger buddy” that I have been communicating with in Florida lives about two hours from my parents. We met at a half-way point for lunch last week when I was visiting – what a delight! The community, as evidenced by OWB, is one that I’m proud to be a resident of!
    Shel Harrington recently posted…5 More Ways to Get His Ex to Hate YouMy Profile

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